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    Karabakh: Can the Rhetoric Ceasefire Hold?

    In the last few months the almost moribund peace process over Nagorny Karabakh has got back on its feet. This isn’t a resumption of full negotiations, but it is a start.

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    Making Vilnius Count for the Caucasus: A Puzzle in Quest of Pieces

    Europeanization must mean that Georgia becomes an attractive market in terms of human and infrastructural resources, a country which is a reliable contract guarantor and, thereby, a hub and a model for the region as a whole.

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    Stormy Weather in the Caucasus

    To paraphrase Tolstoy, “All democracies are alike, all non-democratic regimes are unhappy in their own way.” This is what should be borne in mind, looking ahead into 2014 in the Caucasus region.

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    Peace on Earth (Well, in Europe Anyway)

    By pretty much any historical standards, the wider Europe at the dawn of 2014 is incredibly peaceful. However, peace in Europe should be a signal not for Panglossian optimism but for redoubled Europeans to be vigilant against the risk of new conflicts, large and small.

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    A Different Approach to Fostering Democracy

    Stuttering efforts to promote democracy and human rights in Europe’s neighborhood show why the European Endowment for Democracy is so badly needed.

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    Awkward in Yerevan

    The Armenians can use Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s visit to vent some of their frustrations with Turkey—and then get back to talking again.

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    Mixed Messages for Russia’s Neighbors

    Putin has always flirted with the new Russian nationalism, never embracing it outright. Now he faces a dilemma as the phenomenon he helped create weakens the basis of his Eurasian Union project.

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    A Changing Skyline in Azerbaijan

    Ilham Aliyev is attempting modernization without wholesale political reform. Most of the veterans of the Azerbaijani elite remain in their jobs, including the elderly prime minister and presidential chief of staff. The skyline is changing in Baku, but so far the street-plan remains the same.

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    Between Secular Education and Islamic Philosophy: The Approach and Achievements of Fethullah Gülen’s Followers in Azerbaijan

    Fethullah Gülen’s Islamic movement in Azerbaijan engages solely and uniquely through secular and modern education, which allows it to promote Islamic philosophy and ethics.

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    Reading the Runes in Baku

    Ilham Aliyev has won reelection for a third term. As he begins his eleventh year as president of Azerbaijan, the huge shadow of his father and predecessor inevitably begins to recede and this is the moment for him to set a new political agenda for the country—if he wants too.

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