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    Symposium on Democracy Challenged

    Marina Ottaway discusses findings from her new book on semi-authoritarian regimes. Audio transcripts are available.

    • Commentary

    Looking Eastwards to Bridge the Trade Divide

    The soon-to-be members of the EU are to be congratulated but a new divide has emerged to their east. Until now, the EU has been so preoccupied with its enlargement that it has had little time to look further east. It must now face up to its responsibility and focus on what it can do. The EU's goal should be to integrate the post-Soviet economies for mutual economic benefit and political stability.

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    Russian and Caspian Oil & Gas: Cooperation or Competition?

    Major impediments to a unified energy strategy do not come from Russia. The dynamics of interstate relations between Russia, Caspian, and other transit states, and domestic politics in any of these states, decrease the likelihood of any singular, meaningful international energy development strategy.

    • Research

    Democracy Challenged: The Rise of Semi-Authoritarianism

    • Marina Ottaway
    • January 01, 2003
    • Washington, DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2003

    During the 1990s, international democracy promotion efforts led to the establishment of numerous regimes that cannot be easily classified as either authoritarian or democratic - semi-authoritarian regimes. These regimes pose a considerable challenge to U.S. policy makers because the superficial stability of semi-authoritarian regimes usually masks severe problems that could lead to future crises.

    • Testimony

    Central Asia's Security Challenges

    The challenges of consolidating statehood which lie before the states of Central Asia and the Caucasus in the immediate future,are likely to be shaped by the peculiarities of the relationships of these states to Russia, and what strategic consequence this might have from the US.

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    193 Days of Putin

    Senior Associates Anatol Lieven and Martha Brill Olcott and Visiting Scholar Shlomo Avineri discuss Russia and the security challenges from the south.

    • Testimony

    Politics of Economic Distribution in the Caspian Sea States

    Improving security measures alone will not solve the problems in the Caspian region and the role of the US in this process is a limited one. The countries of the region must add to the number of stakeholders in their countries to begin this reform.

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    Congressional Delegation to Egypt, the Balkans, and the CIS

    Breakfast Briefing on refugee protection, burden sharing and resettlement.

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