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    In Europe, the Rule of Law Matters

    The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has voted to refer the Kavala v. Turkey case to the European Court of Human Rights. By doing so, the Council of Europe upheld European values and principles, namely the rule of law.

    • Strategic Europe

    NATO Must Adapt to an Era of Hybrid Threats

    NATO struggles to respond to events falling in between the seams of collective defense, crisis management, and cooperative security. Allies should use the 2022 Strategic Concept to map out how they will deal with Russian and Chinese hybrid warfare.

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    France and Greece in a Defense Partnership: A View From Turkey

    From this perspective, the France-Greece deal will have fostered a deep suspicion in Ankara, very possibly leading to France’s exclusion from Turkey’s major defense procurement projects. It is unclear how the positioning of the EUROSAM consortium, which produces the SAMP-T air and ballistic missile defense system, will be affected.

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    The Technology Challenge In The Transatlantic Relationship

    Technological innovation has become a critical element of international cooperation and geopolitical rivalry. This has impacted key areas of the transatlantic partnership, presenting both opportunities and challenges for EU–US relations, either rejuvenating a relationship mired in rifts or deepening those rifts.

    • Strategic Europe

    The Other Britain Waiting to Surface

    Boris Johnson ignores the old truth that blaming scapegoats is one way to a run a campaign but no way to run a country. While this lasts, the flame of rational, outward-looking patriotism must be kept alight by Britain’s civil society.

    • Research

    The Technology Challenge in the Transatlantic Relationship

    Technology plays a key role in today's international affairs, including in transatlantic relations. The United States and EU should navigate current and emerging technology challenges by leveraging their strengths and renewing cooperation based on a shared technology agenda.

    • Strategic Europe

    Germany’s New Government Upends the Status Quo

    A new coalition in Germany has ambitious plans to modernize a country that slipped into complacency and risk aversion. Its newfound energy could give the EU a much-needed impulse.

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    The Asia-Europe Meeting and the Case for Minilateralism

    The upcoming summit between European and Asian partners will address key political, economic, and sociocultural issues across continents. Leveraging minilateral frameworks could help all partners make the most of the summit.

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    The Narrow Path Forward Between the European Union and Turkey

    • Marc Pierini
    • November 24, 2021
    • Institut Européen de la Méditerranée

    Diplomatic relations between the EU and Turkey have been strained since 2019. To improve them, the EU will have to overcome Ankara's self-contradicting foreign policy by managing its own internal conflicts and coordinating more closely with the United States.

    • Research

    Reversing the Democratic Gaze

    Alongside its traditional external democracy support, the EU needs to begin drawing on lessons and influences from other countries to help address Europe’s own democracy problems.

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