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    Don't Let Zeitenwende Get Derailed

    Zeitenwende has since morphed into a catch-all term and shorthand jargon for analysts inside and outside Germany to describe whatever policy change they want to see from Berlin. This goes beyond Berlin’s response to the Russian invasion to now include a more assertive German China policy.

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    Hard Cash and Soft Power: When Chinese Firms Win EU Contracts

    Financed by the EU, the construction of the Pelješac Bridge in Croatia has been a resounding success for Chinese soft power. Policymakers in Brussels should implement changes to the union’s procurement policy to avoid supporting the ambitions of its economic competitor and systemic rival.

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    Europe Must Accelerate Its Climate Adaptation

    It’s easy to get caught up on how climate change affects everything from Germany-Italy bond spreads to efforts to reach NATO’s defense spending targets.

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    France’s Military Pivot to Europe

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is forcing France to shift its attention to European defense. This direction could benefit both the EU and NATO.

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    Change Beyond Climate

    Countries responsible for higher gas emissions are stuck in an economic model that does not allow for peaceful and constructive climate conversations. To deliver on the climate transition and to avoid further conflict, decarbonization should not be used as a tool to redesign the global balance of power.

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    Europeans Must Prepare for the Post-Biden Era

    The decline of democracy in the United States means Washington’s leadership role cannot be taken for granted. It is time Europe seriously invested in its own security and defense.

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    What to Expect at COP27

    “We have to be very clear-eyed about what is feasible, politically and socially.”

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    Democratic Innovations From Around the World: Lessons for the West

    Countries around the world are struggling to bridge the gap between citizens and political elites. Innovative practices outside the West, while far from ideal, should be considered in debates about democratic renewal in Europe.

    • Strategic Europe

    COP27 Must Focus on Actions, Not Words

    The window to stabilize the climate is rapidly closing. Negotiators at COP27 must be ready to address thorny issues and move from ambitious targets to policy implementation.

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    Rishi Sunak is a Lot More Popular Than His Party. Does That Matter?

    Polls in the UK show a significant gap between the popularity of the Tories’ new leader, Rishi Sunak, and trust in the conservatives. To compete with Labour in the next election, the primer minister must overcome the voters’ deep contempt for his party.

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