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    Policy Fusion

    While U.S. foreign policy continues to be formulated with an eye on short-term goals, European policies towards the Middle East, at both the national and EU levels, use the instruments of soft diplomacy and function in accordance with a multi-tiered approach that never loses sight of long-range strategies while allowing for alternatives that can be tried, tested and corrected along the way.

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    Economic Partnership Agreements and Their Implications for Development

    Recently signed economic partnership agreements between the European Union and African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries may represent a powerful new tool for development, strengthening regional integration and stimulating investment in signatory countries.

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    Avert a New Failed Mediterranean Scheme

    France has recently proposed a Mediterranean Union. To ensure this initiative’s effectiveness and avoid the pitfalls of the Euro-Mediterranean process, the EU must seriously review its linked aid and agricultural and immigration policies toward the region.

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    New Europe, Old Russia

    What happens when a 21st-century entity, the European Union, faces the challenge of a 19th-century power, Russia? Conflicts are already taking shape—in disagreements over Kosovo, Ukraine, Georgia, and Estonia; in conflicts over gas and oil pipelines; in nasty diplomatic exchanges between Russia and Britain; and in a return to Russian military exercises of a kind not seen since the Cold War.

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    Illiberal Capitalism

    Since communism failed as an economic system, Russia and China have had to embrace free markets. But hopes that reform of communist economies would produce western-style democracies have been shaken.

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    'Missing No Blows' In Moscow

    The stepped-up harassment of the British Council in recent days signals a new low in Russia's post-Cold-War relations with the West and a further slide toward Soviet-style isolationism.

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    Joining the Fold

    Since global change accelerated a decade or so ago, mentioning globalisation has tended to upset many people in the Arab world. Was 2007 the year that the region moved closer -- and more comfortably -- to the rest of the globe?

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    Shifting Western Views on Islam

    • Amr Hamzawy
    • November 22, 2007
    • Al-Ahram Weekly Issue No. 872

    A major shift is taking place in the way decision-makers in the U.S. and major European countries view the political role of Islamic movements in the Arab world and also in the way they regard the perils such movements pose for Western interests.

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    Tomorrow, the World

    Flush with cash and ancient hatreds, American evangelicals are incubating a Christian right in secular Europe.

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    Keynote Address: A World Free of Nuclear Weapons?

    What we need is both vision - a scenario for a world free of nuclear weapons. And action - progressive steps to reduce warhead numbers and to limit the role of nuclear weapons in security policy. These two strands are separate but they are mutually reinforcing. Both are necessary, both at the moment too weak.

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