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    Judy Asks: Is Europe Serious About Defense?

    Russia’s war in Ukraine has created a new sense of urgency for Europe to invest in defense. While NATO remains the main collective defense organization, the EU should build capabilities to complement its efforts.

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    What The West (Still) Gets Wrong About Putin

    One of the reasons it’s so difficult to understand Russian intentions—and what is at stake in the Ukraine war—is the significant divergence between how external observers see events and how they are viewed from the Kremlin.

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    Populism in Europe

    Populist parties have gained momentum in Europe, from Hungary and Poland to Italy and France. Addressing the causes of populism in Europe will require a reexamination of the links between the local, national and European levels.

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    Summer Reads: Saving Yellowstone

    Join Carnegie for a special event, the first of our two-part Summer Reads series, featuring Megan Kate Nelson, author of Saving Yellowstone, and Dan Baer, acting director of Carnegie’s Europe Program, on how Yellowstone might inform our understanding of contemporary political discourse on land and the environment.

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    EU Oil Embargo, Uvalde Mourns The Dead, Illinois Maximum Security Prison Conditions

    European leaders agree to ban most Russian oil imports. Families prepare to bury their children in Uvalde. And an investigation by NPR and The Marshall Project examines conditions at a new maximum security prison in Illinois that has become one of the deadliest in the US.

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    Brussels Takes the Initiative in Armenia-Azerbaijan Negotiations

    Peace talks involving Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to be proceeding favorably with the mediation of the European Union. In spite of this breakthrough, questions remain regarding the role of Russia and the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as for the Armenians of Nagorny Karabakh.

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    German Ambiguity Is Deciding Ukraine’s Future

    Chancellor Scholz’s delay in sending heavy weapons to Ukraine is hurting Kyiv’s chances of preserving its sovereignty. It is also damaging Germany’s standing across Europe.

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    EU Oil Sanctions on Russia

    It is a reflection of the fact that it is very difficult to herd cats, 27 countries, it took them a month to hammer this out. And as you pointed out it includes an exemption for those states, not just Turkey.

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    Climate Change and Conflict Dynamics: Bringing Nature to the Negotiation Table

    • Olivia Lazard
    • May 30, 2022
    • Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation

    Peacebuilding and security development processes have failed to address environmental issues. The interrelationships between conflict and climate change should now play an increasingly important role in peace negotiations.

    • Commentary

    Why Protests Evolve—or Don’t—in the Middle East, Europe, and North America

    Over the past fifteen years, no regions have been more affected by the rising tide of global protest than the Middle East and North Africa, on the one hand, and Europe and North America, on the other.

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