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    Sub Snub Has Paris in a Tizzy Over AUKUS

    • Dan Baer
    • September 17, 2021
    • Foreign Policy

    The AUKUS announcement was not a slight to France or Europe—or, for that matter, to Canada, Japan, or South Korea. It strengthens the hand of all democracies in the Indo-Pacific, including the democracies that aren’t part of the arrangement.

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    It's Not All About Populism

    Despite increased threats to civil liberties, judicial independence, and civil society over the past decade, efforts to defend and rethink Europe’s democratic practices have also surged. To maintain this momentum and ultimately reverse democratic erosion, a more ambitious agenda of political reform is required.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Will the Afghanistan Debacle Change Your Country’s Foreign and Security Policy?

    The chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has left European capitals skeptical about such missions and critical of American leadership. The debacle should lead to frank discussions about NATO’s role and the EU’s defense ambitions.

    • Strategic Europe

    Germany’s Vote Should Set the Pace for Europe

    This German federal election is crucial for Europe’s future. Angela Merkel’s successor has the choice of leading Europe toward more integration and strategic relevance or abetting its gradual, inexorable decline.

    • Commentary

    Moving Closer: European Views of the Indo-Pacific

    • Frederic Grare, Manisha Reuter
    • September 13, 2021
    • European Council on Foreign Relations

    It will likely take more than a strong push from France, Germany, and the Netherlands to ensure that the EU implements a long-term strategy in the Indo-Pacific.

    • Commentary

    Looking Beyond Iran to the Persian Gulf

    Germany and Europe should not focus solely on the Iran nuclear file. Instead, they should develop a coherent and comprehensive approach to regional security that includes securing maritime routes and investing in environmental cooperation.

    • Strategic Europe

    Afghanistan Will Not Make Europe a Defense Player

    Blaming NATO and the United States for the West’s failure in Afghanistan won’t help Europe establish a credible security and defense policy. Its continued absence leaves the EU’s citizens and neighborhoods vulnerable.

    • Diwan

    Autonomy Minus a Strategy

    In an interview, Rosa Balfour discusses European tensions with the United States over the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal.

    • Diwan

    Polyvalent Prime Minister

    Mustapha al-Kadhimi’s promotion of regional dialogue allows him to address Iraq’s many vulnerabilities.

    • Strategic Europe

    Judy Asks: Should the West Talk to the Taliban?

    Western governments must be clear that any eventual engagement with the Taliban will have strict conditions, including respect for women’s rights. Speaking to the Taliban leadership should not be equated with legitimizing the new regime.

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