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    How Significant is Labour’s Poll Surge?

    The contrast between the different polls predicting Labour versus Conservative electoral support is significant, making it difficult to determine how much of a chance the latter has of regaining ground. However, it is likely that the Tories will not recover enough to avoid defeat.

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    Why Labour Should Back Electoral Reform

    Reform of the UK's electoral system is on the agenda at the Labour Party conference. While voting for such change could seal Labour's fate, the use of proportional representation to elect members of parliament is better suited for today's political landscape.

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    The Surprising Potential of King Charles’s Reign

    The UK’s constitution won’t change, but he could subtly influence policy in one specific area.

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    King Charles III’s Unique Relationship with Islam Could Bridge Divides

    As King Charles III assumes the British throne, the focus for many will be on the political symbolism that the monarch holds, lacking as he is in executive power. But the sovereign also holds another title: “Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.”

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    Liz Truss: What Can We Expect?

    Liz Truss has just become the new UK Prime Minister, but it is not yet clear how she will address issues such as climate change and the energy crisis. Her next moves along these lines will be important in the run-up to the general election.

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    No, Of Course Boris Johnson Didn’t Get Brexit Done

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like his legacy to be that of a successful Brexit, but most voters reject his claim. The war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis has provided a vivid test of Britain's inability to 'take back control' in order to protect people from the vicissitudes of events abroad.

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    Liz Truss’s Honeymoon Poll Bounce May Be Already Over

    Liz Truss is very likely to be elected as the UK’s next Prime Minister, despite the discontent of Conservative Party members of parliament. Her predecessors’ performances under similar conditions should be cause for concern.

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    If Liz Truss Becomes Britain’s Prime Minister

    Should she win the ongoing leadership race, Liz Truss will face a public divided over departing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Honoring her predecessor may guarantee her the party’s support but will not help win back disillusioned voters.

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    Islamophobia is reducing a historic chapter in the Conservative Party

    There is a good chance that the UK's next prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party will be Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin. If Mr. Sunak does get elected, he would be the first non-white British prime minister. But within that milestone are some rather uncomfortable truths, which show how much the UK has certainly not become a post-racist society.

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    Has The Constitution Survived Boris?

    One of the reasons why people don't want Boris Johnson to stand down is that they are not sure that they trust him to behave in a collegiate way.

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