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    Will the Euro Survive?

    With EU leaders scrambling to keep Greece afloat, rating agencies continuing to downgrade European sovereign credit, banks being pushed to the brink, and Europe likely slipping back into recession, time may be running out for the euro.

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    A Faster, Better Route to Economic Integration Across the Mediterranean

    Extending the customs union between Turkey and the EU to countries in the Middle East and North Africa would make establishing a free trade area across the Mediterranean much simpler and eliminate disincentives to trade and investment.

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    It Would Be Foolish for the BRICs to Save Europe

    Turning to foreign sources of capital, like a bailout by the BRIC countries, would only aggravate Europe’s economic problems, hurt growth prospects, and make the ultimate resolution of the debt crisis more difficult than ever.

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    Taboos, Italy, and the Euro

    Given the severity of the challenges facing Italy today—stagnating productivity, slow growth, and rising debt—and the country’s systemic importance, it is not unreasonable to ask whether Italy should stay in the euro.

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    The Great Recession and the Rich-Country Trap

    With emerging markets surging ahead and the United States and other wealthy countries engulfed in a crisis that shows no sign of ending, it is worth asking if rich countries are in a growth trap—and should perhaps seek advice from their developing neighbors.

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    Can the Euro be Saved?

    Europe has little time left to address the underlying weaknesses in its monetary union in order to prevent economic collapse.

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    Making Europeans

    Since bailouts alone are failing to end the European debt crisis, a new approach that pacifies markets, strengthens banks, mitigates moral hazard, and is politically acceptable to both core and periphery countries is urgently needed.

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    How to Climb Out?

    As Europe struggles to pull out of its current financial crisis, it is useful to look back at the five most common tactics that countries have historically used to climb out of debt.

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    How Will It End?

    The current Euro crisis will either cause the European monetary union to collapse, leading to sovereign defaults across Europe, or it will force European countries to take real steps toward fiscal union and tighter economic coordination.

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    Germany's Choice

    Leaders in Germany and other eurozone countries are starting to recognize that dealing with the euro’s problems requires not just austerity and structural reforms in the periphery but also a much closer fiscal union.

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