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    2011 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference

    The 2011 conference focused on new actors and new agendas, reflecting the need to develop cooperative responses to challenges being posed by changing technology, distributions of political power, interest in nuclear energy, and security conditions in key regions.

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    A Way Forward at Next Week’s EU Summit

    Europe’s economic and monetary union was created to help bring peace and stability to the continent, but some of its underlying elements overlooked dangers that contributed to today’s euro crisis.

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    Is The Euro Rescue Succeeding?

    Despite the recent optimism in Europe, evidence that countries are dealing adequately with the underlying causes of the euro crisis remains scarce. For the European rescue to succeed, leaders must focus on structural problems, not just fiscal ones.

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    Global Rebalancing: The Dangerous Obsession

    The recent emphasis on global economic rebalancing stokes current tensions and contributes to protectionist sentiment while diverting attention away from what is really needed—domestic reforms in the world’s largest economies.

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    Currency Tensions: Four Lessons From History

    An examination of past episodes of currency tension suggests that competitive devaluations are not likely today. But the forces behind past collapses remain highly relevant and policy makers cannot afford to be complacent.

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    At Pains to Grow

    Overcoming the debt crisis that has stricken Europe and restoring long-term growth prospects for the continent will require European countries to enact major coordinated action and far-reaching structural reforms.

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    A World Without Europe

    If the European debt crisis, which is straining the ties that bind the continent together, brings about the end of European integration, the economic, political, and social repercussions will impact the entire world.

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    The Choice for Europe

    The revival of the European debt crisis will force EU leaders to choose between entering into a deeper fiscal and economic union or confronting sovereign defaults and the possible break-up of the euro area.

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    California Dreaming

    Despite the grim economic outlook for California, America’s Golden State holds lessons for how Europe can survive its own debt crisis and make the continent more resilient to future shocks.

    • Commentary

    Europe Needs a California Dream

    When rethinking the institutional arrangements that underpin their monetary union, Europeans should take note of the California’s experience during the Great Recession.

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