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    Lessons From Russia’s Crisis

    In 1998, Russia successfully dealt with a severe fiscal crisis by restructuring its debt. If Greece chooses to do the same, it should take note of three valuable lessons from Russia’s experience.

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    Why Greece Has to Restructure Its Debt

    Given the dual challenge of massive and rising debt and a loss of competitiveness now facing Greece, debt restructuring is necessary—but may not be sufficient—to restore economic growth.

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    Germany: Europe’s Pride or Europe’s Problem?

    Germany, which benefited from the introduction of the euro, should boost its domestic demand to compensate for the deflationary measures taken by other countries in Europe.

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    Europe’s Debt Crisis: More Than a Fiscal Problem

    Though headlines label the Euro crisis as one caused by sovereign debt, Europe’s most troubled economies are suffering from not only fiscal profligacy, but also a severe loss of competitiveness.

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    The Making of a Crisis

    • June 02, 2010

    Today’s crisis in Europe can be traced back to eight primary causes, beginning with introduction of the euro over a decade ago.

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    The Euro Crisis Is Bigger Than You Think

    Though the eight newest EU are committed to eventually adopting the euro, they all already suffer from the problems that dragged Greece into crisis, suggesting that none of them are ready to join the Euro area yet.

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    Emerging From the Emergency

    • Paola Subacchi
    • May 20, 2010
    • European Voice

    In order to solve the current crisis—and prevent future ones—greater cooperation, surveillance, and transparency is needed among European leaders.

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    The U.S.' Eurozone Problem

    • Uri Dadush
    • May 14, 2010
    • Council on Foreign Relations

    The economies of the United States and Europe are tightly linked via trade, investment, and financial markets. If the Euro crisis spreads, U.S. banking and export sectors will suffer.

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    Ireland: From Bubble to Broke

    Despite the fact that Ireland’s economy sustained a boom both before and after the introduction of the euro, Ireland faces the same problems that are crippling much of Europe: lost competitiveness and an unsustainable government debt trajectory.

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    Portugal’s Growth Challenge

    • Shimelse Ali
    • May 13, 2010

    While Portugal's public finances are healthier than those of Greece, its poor growth prospects, drastic loss of competitiveness, and high public and private debt all make the country vulnerable to the crisis affecting other parts of Europe.

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