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    End of the Cuba Embargo?

    The United States and Cuba have agreed to a prisoner swap that could signal the end of the embargo that dates to the Cold War.

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    China and Venezuela Reaffirm Economic, Social Ties

    Though China is growing increasingly concerned about Venezuela’s economic, social, and political stability, it continues to provide finance and investment in an effort to strengthen relations.

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    Brazil Going Nuclear?

    Brazil currently has two nuclear reactors and a third is under construction. Four more power plants are being proposed for construction in the 2020s.

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    NAFTA’s Mixed Impact on the Global Economy

    NAFTA essentially tries to build a more integrated North American economy.

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    Obama in Mexico

    President Obama’s 72 hour visit to Latin America widely ignored the critical issues of drugs and immigration due to the delicate nature of U.S. negotiations on immigration as well as the security issues associated with the illicit drug trade.

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    Emerging Markets Unite!

    A new initiative by the BRICS coalition of emerging countries, intended to establish a new development bank, will rival traditional development groups such as the IMF and World Bank and may shift the balance of power of the world's economy.

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    Power Outage

    Power has become more fleeting and transient, with a number of different kinds of constraints limiting the abilities of those in power, whether countries, corporations, churches, or armies.

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    China's Worries After Death of Venezuela's Chavez

    The direction of Sino-Venezuelan ties remains unknown following Chavez' death.

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    What Comes After Chavez?

    With the passing of Chavez, the country's leaders must find new scapegoats and excuses for why the standard of living and situation in Venezuela has declined.

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    Whither Venezuela After Chavez?

    China’s business and trade links to Venezuela play a far more prominent role in shaping and defining the bilateral relationship than political or diplomatic ties.

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