Latin America

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    Death of Hugo Chavez

    Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez left behind an economy in shambles, which is likely to be the focus of the upcoming election.

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    After Hugo Chavez

    President Hugo Chavez leaves behind a country in dire economic straits.

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    Venezuela After The Death Of Hugo Chavez

    The passing of Hugo Chavez leaves Venezuela in a state of uncertainty and instability, and the implications of a new government may have great implications for the region as well as the United States.

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    Hugo Chávez and Venezuela

    The secrecy over the health and well-being of Venezuela's cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez has left many thinking about the country's future.

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    Venezuela Confronts Political Uncertainty as Ailing Chavez Misses Inauguration

    Venezuela is preparing for a potential power struggle amid intense secrecy over the president's health.

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    Chavez's Health Fuels Political Power Struggle in Venezuela

    Although President Hugo Chavez has returned from his stay in Cuba, Venezuelans are beginning to consider what the country might look like without having Chavez at the center of the national life.

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    Russia's Charm Offensive

    Russia and Venezuela commence joint naval exercises this week, coming on the heels of Russian President Medvedev’s four-nation tour of South America. Though Russia’s recent closeness with U.S. neighbors may be an attempt to challenge U.S. regional primacy, the United States should avoid over-reacting.

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    South America Watches As U.S. Alters Free-Market Tune

    As the U.S. government steps in to rescue the financial system, Latin American leaders are using the crisis to justify their own leftist policies, claiming the United States' free-market approach has collapsed. But some U.S. scholars see a middle ground; future regulation may help guide markets on the national and even the global stage, without completely departing from the free market system.

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