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    The Need for Real Reform in the Arab World

    Rather than continuing with the reform rhetoric heard in many Arab countries, rulers who wish to remain in power must engage in serious, measurable, and inclusive efforts at real reform.

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    The Complicated U.S. Relationship with Pakistan

    The killing of Osama bin Laden has revealed the fragmented nature of the Pakistani government and complicated U.S. negotiations regarding military aide and development assistance.

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    A Discussion on Turkey

    The Arab Spring has presented problems for Ankara’s foreign policy of zero problems with its neighbors. The outcome of the popular uprisings in neighboring Syria will ultimately have a significant impact on this policy and on the projection of Turkish power in the region.

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    The Arab Spring

    Three months into the Arab Spring and after the fall of the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt, protests continue across the Middle East and North Africa and the region remains in a state of flux.

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    Political Turmoil in the North Africa and the Middle East

    As protests continue throughout the Middle East and North Africa, the international community is seeking to curb the increasing violence in Syria, continue military engagement in Libya, and convince Yemen’s President Saleh to step down.

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    Is More Regime Change On The Way In The Mideast?

    As protests continue to grow in the Middle East, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, and Bahrain are now threatened by the wave of discontent.

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    Death Toll in Iraq Suicide Bombings Reaches 250

    As political instability continues to plague the Iraqi government, a more inclusive process that includes both groups outside the government inside Iraq and Syria and Iran is needed.

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    A New Map of the Middle East

    Given the last two weeks in the Middle East — client entities like Hizbollah provoking a conflict, the Saudis and Egyptians speaking without power from the sidelines, Western uncertainty about the role of Syria and Iran — is it possible to draw a new map of the Middle East?

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