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    How China Went “All In” on Russia

    • Ankit Panda
    • August 01, 2022
    • Doomsday Watch with Arthur Snell podcast

    As China throws their weight behind Russia over the war in Ukraine, Ankit Panda, fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, joins Arthur Snell to discuss the ”marriage of convenience” between Moscow and Beijing.

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    In China, the Banking Scandal Is Causing Some to Lose Faith in the Communist Party

    The purpose of the rural banks was to support the rural community. The problem is that small banks tend not to be diversified. They tend to be highly concentrated in certain industries and in certain regions.

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    The Blind Spots of the Green Energy Transition

    Decarbonization is key to delivering the energy transition, but it requires a massive increase in the mining and extraction of minerals like lithium, graphite, and cobalt. The countries that control these resources may be able to shape geopolitical power dynamics to their own advantage.

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    Is China Bailing Russia Out?

    • Alexander Gabuev, Giuseppe Porcaro, Alicia García-Herrero
    • June 08, 2022
    • Sound of Economics

    A discussion of China’s ambiguous stance toward Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how this impact China’s relationship with other countries .

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    U.S.-China Technological “Decoupling”

    • Jon Bateman
    • June 02, 2022
    • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Center for Global Security Research

    A partial “decoupling” of U.S. and Chinese technology ecosystems is well underway. The U.S. government has been a primary driver in recent years, yet the United States still lacks a clear vision for what it hopes to achieve and a sound strategy for achieving it.

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    U.S.-China Tech Relations: A Guide for the Perplexed

    Intelligence can be one tool and discipline and set of information that is used to inform those assessments but it's frequently not the only or best tool.

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    China-Taliban Relations

    Chinese citizens are getting attacked and killed in really high numbers inside of Pakistan right now.

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    U.S.-China Technological Decoupling

    • Jon Bateman
    • May 23, 2022
    • Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs

    So, there are key steps the United States needs to take on a strategy level and on a policy level. On a strategy level is where we really need to start. The US government and the Biden administration really need to come to their own internal sense of the purpose of this decoupling and a long term vision for success.

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    What Does the Future of US-China Decoupling Look Like?

    The first thing the US government needs to do is to clearly distinguish between two things which are in fact different. One of those things is having a fairer technology trade relationship with China.

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    The Great U.S.-China Tech Divorce

    The U.S.-China tech relationship has always been complex and intertwined. In the last few years, the United States and China have been undergoing a partial “decoupling”.

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