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    In the Wake of the Moscow Bombings

    In the wake of the recent Moscow suicide bombings, the Russian people may begin to draw a connection between corruption among police and security forces and the inability of those security forces to protect Russian citizens from terrorist attacks.

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    Music and Politics Color Greek Pilgrimage to Trebizond

    The Turkish government’s new foreign policy of building bridges with old enemies, including the Armenians and the Greeks, is working to slowly bring about a new spirit of tolerance in modern Turkey.

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    Russia's Dependence on Raw Materials 'Humiliating'

    In his annual address, President Medvedev delivered a critical and shrewd assessment of Russia's state of affairs, but it remains to be seen whether fear of yielding political control will prevent the Kremlin from acting on Medvedev’s bold words.

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    The US and Russia: Iran and Nuclear Weapons

    At the top of Secretary Clinton's agenda during her visit to Russia is a discussion of Iran's nuclear ambitions. Conflicting messages from President Medvedev and Foreign Minister Lavrov leave the outcome of that discussion in doubt.

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    Worldwise: Russian Relations

    Russia and the United States are not likely to come to agreement on the best way to approach Iran’s nuclear ambitions any time soon. This issue is likely to be at the top of Secretary Clinton’s agenda during her time in Moscow.

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    Unrest in the Caucasus

    As violence in the North Caucasus surges, Kremlin policies and its loyal, but brutal, local leaders have played a critical role in causing the situation.

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    Violence in Ingushetia

    Ingushetia’s corrupt officials and extreme Islamists may be behind a suicide bomb explosion at a police station in the capital of Nazran.

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    Worldwise: No Nukes Is Good Nukes

    Russia will not agree to the kind of deep cuts in nuclear weapons envisioned by President Obama without a concrete deal on missile defense.

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    Medvedev-Obama: Tough Talks?

    Alexei Arbatov and George Perkovich discuss their expectations for President Barack Obama's first official visit to Russia.

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    Rethinking Russia

    • Dmitri Trenin, Dan Rather, Stephen Cohen, Ariel Cohen
    • May 29, 2009
    • HDNet's Dan Rather Reports

    Despite President Obama’s upcoming participation in the Russia-U.S. summit in St. Petersburg, much of the American foreign policy community remains at odds over U.S. policy towards Moscow.

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