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    Zviad Gamsakhurdia

    Gamsakhurdia is one of many Georgians who have this feeling that Georgia is an exceptional place and an exceptional nation which is oppressed by Russia, but also partakes in some of the privileges that Georgia had because of the Soviet Union.

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    A World History of Political Violence

    • Rachel Kleinfeld
    • June 29, 2016
    • Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

    In countries with compounded violence, political elites enjoy extreme privilege and the state apparatus becomes highly politicized. Reducing such violence follows a spiral, not straight line, trajectory.

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    Georgia’s Presidential Elections

    Georgia elects a new president on October 27, a key moment in the country’s transition to a parliamentary republic.

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    Remembering Stalin

    The figure of Stalin still provokes many positive reactions in the former Soviet Union.

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    Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections

    With the ruling party’s loss to the opposition Georgian Dream coalition, the country’s leading political parties must find a way to share power and enable a peaceful political transition.

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    The Caucasus: History Needn't Repeat

    While the nations of the Caucasus are heavily influenced by historical narratives of intractable ethnic conflicts, a more critical look at the region’s history reveals a number of surprising alliances and pragmatic resolutions.

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    Unrest in the Caucasus

    As violence in the North Caucasus surges, Kremlin policies and its loyal, but brutal, local leaders have played a critical role in causing the situation.

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    Violence in Ingushetia

    Ingushetia’s corrupt officials and extreme Islamists may be behind a suicide bomb explosion at a police station in the capital of Nazran.

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    Russia's Charm Offensive

    Russia and Venezuela commence joint naval exercises this week, coming on the heels of Russian President Medvedev’s four-nation tour of South America. Though Russia’s recent closeness with U.S. neighbors may be an attempt to challenge U.S. regional primacy, the United States should avoid over-reacting.

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    U.S.-Russia Relations Complicate Georgia Talks

    As U.S.-Russia relations continue to sour over the Russia-Georgia conflict, it is unclear how the two nations will be able to rebuild their relationship. Although the conflict led to the current deterioration in relations, problems between the two countries were present before. Despite strong rhetoric from Washington, there is a need for an improved dialogue between the United States and Russia.

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