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    Change Beyond Climate

    Countries responsible for higher gas emissions are stuck in an economic model that does not allow for peaceful and constructive climate conversations. To deliver on the climate transition and to avoid further conflict, decarbonization should not be used as a tool to redesign the global balance of power.

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    Analyzing the Current Attacks in Ukraine and What Happens Next

    Russia’s latest escalation of attacks against Ukraine appears to be driven by Putin’s desperation to end the war quickly. By contrast, these actions have further boosted Ukrainians’ morale in their fight for sovereignty.

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    Bulgaria’s Elections: A Shift Away From the West and Toward the Kremlin?

    Political and economic turmoil in Sofia has resulted in the fourth election in just 18 months. Should former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov return to power, the new government is unlikely to take a tough stance against Russia.

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    The EU’s Dependency on China

    While China has charged ahead in developing a global strategy for the energy transition, which utilizes both its foreign and security policies, the EU is trying to compete through next-generation technology.

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    EU Debates Whether to Take in Those Fleeing Russia

    After President Vladimir Putin announced a "partial" military mobilization of Russian reservists for his war in Ukraine, many people are fleeing the country. The EU seems unable to resolve internal divisions over open borders, mainly due to opposition from former Soviet countries.

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    Renewed Clashes Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

    While Yerevan seems to be in a weaker position and interested in negotiations, Baku is seeking to assert its advantage. The outbreak of a new conflict on Europe's borders would clearly be detrimental to EU security.

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    Liz Truss: What Can We Expect?

    Liz Truss has just become the new UK Prime Minister, but it is not yet clear how she will address issues such as climate change and the energy crisis. Her next moves along these lines will be important in the run-up to the general election.

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    #NATO: "Has NATO done anything for Ukraine? Judy Dempsey, editor Strategic Europe, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

    There's no doubt about it that the consensus among most countries is that the war will drag on but maybe it could be shortened if Ukraine could get a victory.

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    The Erdogan-Putin Duet: Who Has the Upper Hand?

    Ankara’s relationship with Moscow is becoming directly linked to his bid to win the Turkish elections in 2023. Meanwhile, a disruptive Turkey within NATO and President Erdogan’s continued balancing act with the Kremlin offer Putin a strategic advantage.

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    Economic Impact of War On Europe

    As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues without an end in sight, the question of diplomacy remains. Where is the political push to mediate and where will it come from?

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