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Featured Contributors

  • Tamer Badawi

    Tamer Badawi is an associate with the Middle East Directions Programme at the European University Institute, focusing on Iran’s foreign policy toward its neighbors.

  • Alexander Corbeil

    Alexander Corbeil is a lead analyst with The SecDev Group, focusing on the Syrian conflict and its impact on the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Hadi Fathallah

    Hadi Fathallah is director at NAMEA Group, a public policy advisory company based out of Dubai and Beirut.

  • Ferhat Gurini

    Ferhat Gurini is a freelance journalist based in London focusing on the transnational Kurdish issue and Turkish politics. Follow him on Twitter @FerhatGurini.

  • Idriss Jebari

    Idriss Jebari is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Arab Council for Social Sciences in Beirut.

  • Nima Khorrami

    Nima Khorrami is a research associate at The Arctic Institute’s Center for Circumpolar Security Studies.

  • Maged Mandour

    Maged Mandour is a political analyst who is a regular contributor to the Arab Digest, Middle East Eye, and Open Democracy and author of an upcoming book entitled “Egypt Under Sisi.”

  • Tarek Megerisi

    Tarek Megerisi is a Libyan political analyst and researcher who specializes in politics, governance and development in the Arab world.

  • Neil Partrick

    Neil Partrick is the editor and lead contributor to Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy: Conflict and Cooperation (IB Tauris, 2016).

  • Mohammed Samhouri

    Mohammed Samhouri is a U.S.-trained economist with over twenty years of experience in academia, research, and policy making.

  • Kirk H. Sowell

    Kirk H. Sowell is the principal of Utica Risk Services, a Middle East-focused political risk firm.

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