Sada Debates

  • Is Saudi Arabia Stable?

    Sada Debate
    August 15, 2013

    Saudi Arabia appears, on the surface, to have escaped the Arab Uprisings untouched. Yet its political trajectory and future stability remain uncertain. Are government responses to rising pressures indicative of an impending change or a sign of state strength?

  • What Will Become of Egypt?

    Sada Debate
    July 15, 2013

    Following mass protests, Egypt’s military intervened on July 3 to remove President Mohamed Morsi from office, marking a dramatic turn in the country’s post-Mubarak transition. Four Egypt experts and Sada contributors weigh in on Egypt’s current predicament.

Sada is an online journal rooted in Carnegie’s Middle East Program that seeks to foster and enrich debate about key political, economic, and social issues in the Arab world and provides a venue for new and established voices to deliver reflective analysis on these issues.

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