EASI Next Generation

The Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) Next Generation program is a platform for empowering the new generation of stakeholders committed to transforming the Euro-Atlantic region into a more secure, inclusive, and cooperative space as outlined by the EASI Commission. The program seeks to facilitate the concrete recommendations of the commission and to achieve broader progress in building a framework for relations among Euro-Atlantic states that adheres to EASI's promise of a security community that is whole, free, and at peace.

The Leaders Network

The EASI Next Generation Leaders Network is an interconnected group of young stakeholders under the age of forty who represent Europe, Russia, and North America. These leaders are committed to addressing shared problems in the Euro-Atlantic security space. Each leader must enter the network with one big idea for improving, developing, and strengthening both the concept and construction of the security community. See the network members >

EASI-Hurford Next Generation Fellowship

Each year, four individuals are named EASI-Hurford Next Generation Fellows. Drawn from the entire Euro-Atlantic space, these fellows are funded to complete an original piece of scholarship and organize a project that will promote their big idea.

The 2015-2016 EASI-Hurford Next Generation Fellows are:

Next Generation Leaders Conference

Carnegie hosts an annual Next Generation Leaders Conference to support the work and ideas of the leaders and the EASI-Hurford Fellows. Each conference is not only the culmination of yearlong discussions within the Leaders Network—including working groups, videoconferences, and fellow presentations—but also an opportunity for this young cohort to formally present their ideas to the broader Euro-Atlantic community. The 2014 conference will be organized in conjunction with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's Security Days conference. About the Next Generation Leaders Conference >

For more information, please contact Izabella Tabarovsky, itabarovsky@ceip.org, +1 202 939 2318

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