• Research

    The Kamour Movement and Civic Protests in Tunisia

    • Youssef Cherif
    • August 08, 2017

    The Kamour sit-in’s self-sufficient organization, open participatory style, mostly peaceful tactics, and realistic demands—along with the government’s understanding and relative openness to dialogue—is a model that barely exists in other Arab countries.

  • Research

    Uganda’s New Civic Activism: Beyond Egos and Logos

    • Arthur Larok
    • July 24, 2017

    A new, creative activism is sweeping through Uganda and challenging the old-style, conformist, traditional forms of organizing.

  • Commentary

    We Live in a Global “Age of Rage”—and It’s Entering a New Phase

    Civic mobilization is an increasingly significant element of global politics—and an increasingly effective one.

  • Research

    Civic Cooperation in Turkey

    • Özge Zihnioğlu
    • June 13, 2017

    Civic cooperation in Turkey is a promising trend, potentially reinforcing the effects of different actors’ work in a country where sustained, long-term efforts have been rare.

  • Event

    Online Q&A on Global Civic Activism

    Members of Carnegie’s Civic Research Network participated in a Reddit AUA on the important changes under way in civil society across the globe.

  • Research

    Global Civic Activism in Flux

    • Richard YoungsYoussef CherifHafsa HalawaVijayan MJAdams OlooNatalia ShapovalovaJanjira SombatpoonsiriMarisa von BülowÖzge Zihnioğlu
    • March 17, 2017

    Case studies from eight countries show how civic activism across the world is evolving and reveal crosscutting themes relevant to the future of civil society support.

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