Answering Policy Problems

Many of the policy challenges facing society in countering influence operations are extremely difficult. While pressure mounts on tech platforms and governments to act now to counter influence operations, additional empirically validated knowledge is needed to measure and understand what countermeasures will actually be effective. This requires multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration, which is what PCIO seeks to provide.

We will be publishing core research questions we would like to see answered in a “Problem Book.” PCIO will conduct some of this research with partners, while others it will support through requests for proposals. Where research questions have already been answered by others, PCIO will aim to promote, ultimately helping to answer the bigger policy challenges we face.

  • Policy Perspectives:This series will offer a primer of the lenses through which each stakeholder breaks down key issues in the influence operations field, thereby helping to fulfil the PCIO goal of bridging differences and shaping consensus over the scope of the issue. It is intended to set the agenda on core issues and be used as a guide for policymakers to engage with a broader range of stakeholders.
    • European Commission Code of Practice on Disinformation: A non-partisan briefing on the key issues for the next steps in the development of EU policy on disinformation.
  • Lines in the Sand:This series uses multiple perspectives to analyze difficult policy questions and key challenges, effectively ‘drawing lines in the sand’ to help those on the front lines of industry and government develop policies.
  • Policy Proposals Project:A project engaging community on policy proposals aimed at addressing unacceptable influence operations (e.g. disinformation, misrepresentation, manipulation etc.) These policy proposals could target any point at which something can reasonably be done by industry and/or government to counter influence operations. Learn More
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