• Commentary

    Governments Are Using Spyware on Citizens. Can They Be Stopped?

    An Israeli company has sold military-grade surveillance spyware to governments that are using it to spy on private citizens. What can the United States do about the explosion of such snooping?

  • Research

    The UN Struggles to Make Progress on Securing Cyberspace

    • Arindrajit BasuIrene PoetrantoJustin Lau
    • May 19, 2021

    UN member states have attempted to devise rules for state behavior in cyberspace. Yet disagreements have hampered those efforts, and the root causes of cyber instability remain.

  • Commentary

    Are Telegram and Signal Havens for Right-Wing Extremists?

    Since the violent storming of Capitol Hill and subsequent ban of former U.S. President Donald Trump from Facebook and Twitter, the removal of Parler from Amazon’s servers, and the de-platforming of incendiary right-wing content, messaging services Telegram and Signal have seen a deluge of new users.

  • Commentary

    Democracy Dies in Disinformation

    President Joe Biden says he wants to renew America’s democratic alliances. His administration writes about fighting kleptocracy and climate change, conquering inequality, and standing up for human rights.

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