Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative – EASI


    • Research

    Energy as a Building Block in Creating a Euro-Atlantic Security Community

    Enhanced energy security is particularly important for a more cohesive security collaboration among the states of the Euro-Atlantic region.

    • Research

    Toward a Euro-Atlantic Security Community

    Today, unprecedented challenges from without and within threaten to reverse the progress toward the safe, secure, undivided Euro-Atlantic world hoped for in the wake of the Cold War. To overcome that future, a twenty-first-century problem demands a twenty-first-century solution.

    • Research

    Addressing Nonstrategic Nuclear Forces

    No issue in the area of European military security is more important or more vexed than that of nonstrategic nuclear weapons.

    • Research

    Historical Reconciliation and Protracted Conflicts

    One of the fundamental impediments to molding the Euro-Atlantic nations into a more unified and workable security community is the lingering distrust that poisons too many of the region’s key relationships.

    • Research

    Missile Defense: Toward a New Paradigm

    No issue is more urgent or central to achieving progress toward the goal of creating an inclusive Euro-Atlantic Security Community than making European missile defense a joint project of the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Russia.

    • Commentary

    Euro-Atlantic Goals

    • Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn
    • January 31, 2012
    • International Herald Tribune

    The Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative set out to identify the practical steps needed to secure the region’s future and to create new pathways to a more inclusive and effective Euro-Atlantic community, focusing on the military, human, and economic dimensions of security.

To move toward the goal of an inclusive Euro-Atlantic Security Community, a unique process was created in 2009 called the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

For the first time, former policymakers, diplomats, generals, and business leaders from Russia, the United States, Canada, Central Europe, and European Union nations came together to chart a roadmap of practical action that would allow the region to leave its past behind and to start to build a more secure future based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Praise for EASI:

“The Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative…holds great promise for us all if we heed the words that it contains.”

—Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, United States

Commission Members

  • Wolfgang Ischinger
    Co-Chair, Germany
  • Igor Ivanov
    Co-Chair, Russia
  • Sam Nunn
    Co-Chair, United States
  • Robert H. Legvold
    Director, United States
  • Charles Boyd
    United States
  • Desmond Browne
    United Kingdom
  • Hikmet Çetin
  • Oleksandr Chalyi
  • Alexander Dynkin
  • Viktor Esin
  • Herman Gref
  • István Gyarmati
  • Stephen Hadley
    United States
  • Tedo Japaridze
  • Donald J. Johnston
  • Catherine Kelleher
    United States
  • John Kerr
    United Kingdom
  • John C. Kornblum
    United States
  • Jacques Lanxade
  • Vladimir Lukin
  • Klaus Mangold
  • Richard Matzke
    United States
  • René Nyberg
  • Adam Daniel Rotfeld
  • Volker Rühe
  • Armen Sarkissian
  • Vyacheslav Trubnikov

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