• Commentary

    Enhancing U.S. Power Projection

    • Chung Min Lee
    • November 01, 2016
    • Breakthrough on the Peninsula: Third Offset Strategies and the Future Defense of Korea

    Given that South Korea is the only country on the entire Asian continent where the United States continues to deploy ground forces and air assets, the U.S. alliance with the Republic of Korea plays a critical role in supporting U.S. power projection in Northeast Asia and by extension, in East Asia.

  • Commentary

    The Major Problems Facing a Rising Asia

    Unless Asia’s strategically consequential states can significantly mitigate, if not resolve, the region’s political and military deficits, Asia’s rise will never be completed.

  • Commentary

    Can South Korea “Overcome” Geography?

    Throughout its history, Korea has borne the brunt of the repercussions stemming from great power rivalries in Northeast Asia.

  • Commentary

    The South Korean Perspective

    A profound shift is taking place in the geopolitics of East Asia that necessitates key adjustments by all of the principal stakeholders, including South Korea.

  • Commentary

    Recalibrating the Rebalance: A View From South Korea

    From a South Korean perspective, the U.S. rebalance is an important symbolic manifestation of America’s commitment to Asian security and defense.

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