Democracy and Governance

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    Amr Hamzawy in the Arab Media

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    Towards a New Stage in U.S. Kazakh Relations

    The title of my talk—“Towards a New Stage in U.S. Kazakh Relations in the area of Security Relations”—is designed to be illustrative. I believe that the long-established and deeply rooted cooperation in the area of security relations can serve as an important foundation for taking U.S.-Kazakh relations to a new stage.

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    The Big Loser After Lebanon: Democracy

    The war in Lebanon deeply altered the concerns of elites and citizens in Arab societies. Following three years of unprecedented political dynamism and debates regarding the prospects for democratic transformation in the Arab world, the Arab-Israeli conflict returned to the forefront, turning attention away from the question of democracy.

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    Amr Hamzawy on Al Jazeera

    Carnegie's Amr Hamzawy appeared on Al Jazeera TV to talk about the current crisis in the Middle East. Hamzawy discussed prospects of a national unity government in Palestine, Iran's nuclear ambitions, French-American differences regarding the war in Lebanon, America's strategic interests in the Middle East, and the confrontation between Hizbullah and Israel.

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    Middle East: A Look at Who Gained, Who Lost

    It took a United Nations resolution to end the fighting between Israel and Hizballah, but that hasn't stopped each side from claiming victory. RFE/RL correspondent Heather Maher asked Paul Salem, director of the Middle East Center at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, to tally up the wins and losses.

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    Stillborn Illusions

    Secretary Ric's heralding of the birth of the new Middle East amounts to is a belittling of true hopes for change now that the reform project is devoid of credibility, for it fails to intimate a better future in Arab minds tired of the inhumanity of the Israeli military machine and the gross ugliness of its American collaborators.

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    Middle East Crisis Deepening

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    At the Center of the Storm: What Political Future for Lebanon?

    the Israeli military operations increased Hizbollah's in Lebanon and the region, but has been weakened through casualties and exhausted weapons stockpiles.

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    Israeli Attacks on Lebanese Civilians Hurt U.S. Standing in Region

    Even though many Lebanese people and several Arab governments criticized Hezbollah for instigating the crisis with Israel, the Israeli air attacks -- including the killing of many civilians -- have now quieted the criticism, and in fact have worsened the already poor standing of the United States in the Arab world.

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    The Fourth Power: The Key to the Lebanese Crisis

    On July 26, Amr Hamzawy appeared on Al Arabiya to discuss regional and international dimensions of the ongoing Middle East crisis.

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