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    The End of Neoconservatism

    If Francis Fukuyama is right, the neoconservative movement is dying. Good riddance. Through their network within the Bush administration, these intellectuals wreaked havoc on American national security interests, ruined the international reputation of the country and drove up a staggering national debt.

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    The Syrian Challenge

    Political reform in Syria is influenced not only by domestic forces but also by regional developments and the policies of Western countries, particularly the United States. At present, those policies are not helping the cause of political reform.

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    Russia-Ukraine: Problems Will Remain

    Dmitry Trenin, one of the leading Russian international affairs experts and Deputy Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, comments on the tentative results of the Ukrainian elections in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

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    Will the Authoritarians of the World Unite?

    The nascent Chinese-Russian entente is not news since the relationship has been steadily broadening and deepening for more than a decade. But there is increasing evidence suggesting this relationship is part of a growing global ideological conflict between consolidating democracies and dictatorships.

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    The Saudi Labyrinth: Evaluating the Current Political Opening

    Recent years have witnessed unprecedented political dynamism in Saudi Arabia. Two factors—international and domestic reform demands—have injected new elements of dynamism and openness into Saudi Arabia’s political reality. They have also generated sufficient incentives for the government to embark on the road of reform.

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    Islamist Movements and the Democratic Process

    Islamist movements have become major political actors in the Middle East. Nathan Brown, Amr Hamzawy and Marina Ottaway discussed their new study, Islamist Movements and the Democratic Process in the Arab World: Exploring the Gray Zones, which examines the “gray zones”—areas of ambiguity—in their rhetoric and thought.

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    Discussion on Egypt with Hisham Kassem

    • Hisham Kassem
    • March 21, 2006

    The Democracy and Rule of Law Project hosted a roundtable discussion with Hisham Kassem about the political developments in Egypt over the last year.

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    Fact Sheet: U.S. Actors Promoting Democacy in the Middle East

    • March 15, 2006
    • Carnegie Resource Page

    U.S. efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East have several components.

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    Assessing Iraq: The Country has Already Collapsed

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    Putin's Demobilization Project

    Masha Lipman, of the Carnegie Moscow Center, discussed President Vladimir Putin's strategy to neutralize the public and perpetuate his regime.

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