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    How Much Has Federal Power Increased under President Putin?

    On September 8th, 2004, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosted a discussion on the development of federal power in Russia. The speaker, Nikolay Petrov, is a Scholar-in-Residence with the Russian Domestic Politics and Domestic Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center since 1995. Carnegie Endowment Senior Associate Michael McFaul chaired the meeting.

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    What is Happening to the Union of Right Forces and Russian Politics?

    On September 2, 2004, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace hosted a meeting on the current situation of the Union of Right Forces in the context of current Russian politics. The speaker was Leonid Gozman, a long-standing activist in the Union of Rights Forces and an advisor to UES CEO Anatoly Chubais. Michael McFaul, a Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment, moderated the session.

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    Critical Mission: Essays on Democracy Promotion

    Demand for practical knowledge and lessons about how the United States and other countries can more effectively promote democracy around the world has never been higher. This timely book by Thomas Carothers, one of the foremost authorities worldwide on democracy-building, helps meet that need.

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    Islamists in the Arab World: The Dance Around Democracy

    • Graham Fuller
    • August 31, 2004
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    The Folly of Empire: What George W. Bush Could Learn From Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

    John Judis draws sharp contrasts between the Bush administration's policies, especially with regard to Iraq, and those of every administration from Franklin Roosevelt through Bill Clinton.

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    Getting to Democracy in Hong Kong

    Recognizing the growing public demand for democratization, the communist leadership of Beijing is prepared to enter a dialogue with Hong Kong democrats. Some in the U.S. Congress want to show solidarity with Hong Kong democrats and toughness toward Beijing by removing beneficial economic treatment that Hong Kong receives. This would be a mistake; better options exist.

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    America Must Not Stop Promoting Democracy


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    Democracy and Constituencies in the Arab World

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    South Africa Must Pressure Mugabe

    • June 29, 2004
    • Los Angeles Times

    Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe has become everything he once crusaded against — racist, despotic, unjust and incompetent. South Africa, the only African nation with significant leverage over Zimbabwe, must pressure Mugabe to reverse the spiral of cronyism and corruption.

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    Recent Developments in Hong Kong

    There are currently widespread concerns regarding the "one country, two systems." Recent steps taken by Beijing and pro-democracy advocates in Hong Kong show their strong interest in developing constructive dialogue. Such dialogue would help develop mutual trust, which is crucial for democratic development in Hong Kong and the successful implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle.

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