Democracy and Governance

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    Establishing the Rule of Law and Fighting Corruption

    Ukrainian Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko discussed his government's efforts against corruption and the political prospects of democratic parties in upcoming parliamentary elections.

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    Reviewed:"Kremlin Rising," by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser

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    Russian Democracy and Civil Society: Back to the Future

    • Andrew Kuchins
    • February 08, 2006
    • Testimony for the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    The U.S. should de-link its concerns about backsliding Russian democracy with other areas of security and economic cooperation with Russia. The U.S. must work closely with the Russians on, for example, halting nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea, but these goals should not prevent the U.S. government from promoting democracy and civil society and defending human and civil rights.

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    Arab Liberals Unite!

    Concern in the U.S. for Arab liberals has taken on a desperate edge, as though all this activity were a last ditch attempt to support a political alternative that ballot boxes in the Arab world have proved too fragile to sustain. The Carnegie Endowment's Amr Hamzway comments on the numerous factors that contribute to this misreading of current political trends in the Arab world in a new editorial.

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    Looking Beyond Elections in Palestine

    Three speakers, all of whom were in Palestine to observe the recent elections there, discussed this dramatic turning point. Having demanded clean elections, the international commumity is now forced to deal with the consequences. As the experts discussed, Hamas' new position of power will have a range of implications for Palestine's domestic and foreign affairs.

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    Promoting Democracy after Hamas’ Victory

    The victory of Hamas in the Palestinian elections has given rise to much soul searching in Washington about who lost Palestine. The main problem, however, is not U.S. policy but the underlying conditions in the last few months that have led to the victory of Hamas and to the impressive showing by both Shia and Sunni religious parties elsewhere in the region.

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    America’s Arab Democracy Dilemma

    Hamas’s recent victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections highlights the deep crisis of secular Arabs. In today’s Arab politics, secular parties have either degenerated into marginal forces with no broad popular support or become gatekeepers of repressive regimes.

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    Aftermath of the Hamas Tsunami

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    Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: Are We There Yet?

    • Thomas Carothers, James Michel, Lisa Bhansali, Rachel Kleinfeld, Neil Kritz
    • February 01, 2006
    • Washington, D.C.

    Discussion and launch of Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of Knowledge, edited by Thomas Carothers.

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    It's the Regime, Stupid

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