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    Russia's Dependence on Raw Materials 'Humiliating'

    In his annual address, President Medvedev delivered a critical and shrewd assessment of Russia's state of affairs, but it remains to be seen whether fear of yielding political control will prevent the Kremlin from acting on Medvedev’s bold words.

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    Central Asia: Living in Afghanistan’s Shadow

    While the U.S.-led NATO operations in Afghanistan have resulted in somewhat enhanced security capacity for Central Asian countries, their long-term security challenges seem to be increasing, given the current situation in Afghanistan and the growing instability of Pakistan.

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    Obama in Asia

    President Obama’s trip to Asia will signal renewed U.S. commitment to this vitally important region. Perhaps the most important stop will be in China, where Obama will seek to ease lingering strategic distrust and discuss key issues of trade, climate change, and security.

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    Regions of Russia in Crisis Conditions

    Russian regions have been developing crises with economic, financial, social, and political facets. If not checked, some of these crises may grow to pose risks not only to the local area, but to the stability of the Russian government.

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    Russia's Search for an Identity

    The Russian perception of Stalin and his crimes has more to do with the nature of Russian statehood than with the monstrous actions of the man himself.

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    Regional Dimensions: Fresh Faces in a Stale System

    A new system has been implemented for naming the candidate for a gubernatorial post in Russia; the fate of 10 percent of the governors hangs in the balance.

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    Digging Their Own Graves at the Polls

    Municipal elections held in Russia on October 11 proved that most Russian voters seem to feel that elections have no direct bearing on their lives and that the authorities feel no impetus to institute change in the current Russian party system.

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    Twenty Years of Religious Freedom in Russia

    Post-Soviet Russia has witnessed an expansion of religious freedom and a change in the relationship between religious entities and the state. Religious movements that had all but disappeared under the Soviet regime have been experiencing a revival.

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    Overmanaged Democracy in Russia: The Ruling Tandem and the Economic Crisis

    The current political system in Russia is a hybrid of democracy and authoritarianism, or an “overmanaged democracy,” where the elements of authoritarianism dominate democratic ones. The system seems stable on the surface, but is in fact very fragile.

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    The Virtual President

    Under Russian President Medvedev, the Kremlin’s efforts to develop and execute concrete solutions to Russia’s many challenges have been replaced by a constant stream of polemical sound bites and vague slogans.

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