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    Civil Society and the Global Pandemic: Building Back Different?

    • Carnegie Civic Research Network
    • September 30, 2021

    Civil society groups are simultaneously responding to the pandemic’s direct impacts and looking to a post-pandemic future. Many economic, political, and geostrategic challenges are shaping their thinking and their strategies.

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    Public Platforms Must Not Give Space to Conspiracy Theories

    Perhaps in 2021, Mr Gaetz is the only congressman proclaiming this white supremacist theory. But it could be only a matter of time before more people not only uphold this notion, but start publicly supporting even more outlandish theories and arguing for their legitimacy. If we want our public discourses to bear a semblance of truth, we have to take this trend seriously.

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    Venezuela’s Endless Crisis

    These are bleak, unpalatable scenarios, but sadly, there are few reasons to expect better. The wishful hope that the criminals in charge of the Venezuelan regime can somehow be persuaded to accede to their own ruin is just that—a hope—and certainly not a proper basis for diplomatic action.

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    What’s Working and What Isn’t in Researching Influence Operations?

    The pace and proliferation of influence operations outstrips the research and policy community’s ability to study, understand, and find good solutions to the problems presented by the new age of digital propaganda. It’s time to fix this.

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    The ECJ Ruling on the Hijab is Bigotry Passing Off As ‘Neutrality’

    The ECJ is the highest court in the EU. Its rulings earlier in July affirm the power of the state over individual freedoms, particularly a person's right to the freedom of religion.

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    The Legacy of 9/11

    Twenty years after terrorists infiltrated the world’s sole superpower, turned passenger aircraft into guided missiles and reduced the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon to rubble, has the truism of that moment—that 9/11 “changed everything”—proven to be false?

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    Narendra Modi and Hindu Nationalism

    The police is even acting directly against the minorities and the Delhi riots of 2020 showed that the police could be on their side in the street in their rioting activities.

    • Commentary

    India is the World’s Biggest Vaccine Maker. Yet Only 4% Of Indians Are Vaccinated

    As the India emerges from the world’s biggest and deadliest COVID-19 outbreak, scientists and policy makers say vaccinations will be key to India’s safety, confidence and economic recovery. Small business owners like Gala agree.

    • Strategic Europe

    How the EU Can Engage Russian Civil Society

    The European Union must ensure the survival of Russian civil society that is now subject to unprecedented repression. It also needs a strategy to respond quickly in case a narrow window of opportunity for democratic change opens in Russia.

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    LGBTQI Rights as Human Rights

    This Pride Month, join us for a fireside chat with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ford Foundation President Darren Walker on the progress made in the last decade and the progress still to come.

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