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    China Was Never Likely to Have a Debt Crisis

    While China is unlikely to have a debt crisis, it will face more difficulties when making the adjustment as debt accumulates. A strong leadership may then be required to implement necessary reforms.

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    Oil Giant Looks To New Revenue Sources

    Opening up to private sector investment is the only way forward for Arabian Gulf countries.

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    Gains & Pains?

    Dutch disease is a very common condition among resource-rich nations but its effects on the body of the economy, as well as the potential cure, are always country-specific. What would it take for Russia, both politically and economically, to wean itself off the hydrocarbon windfall?

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    Why Conventional Economic Wisdom Is Wrong

    China is unique in terms of its economic performance but is not exceptional. People need a different set of assumptions to understand China’s economy even though the economic principles for analysis are the same.

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    On the Mechanics of Trade and the Chinese Economy

    Very large persistent surpluses and deficits are almost always the result of distorted policies in one or more countries.

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    China Didn’t Invent Asian Connectivity

    China hopes to use three strengths to make the Belt and Road Initiative a success: its large foreign exchange reserves, dominance in certain infrastructure fields, and unique forms of state backed project finance.

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    Tunisian Youth and Their Politics

    Despite leading Tunisia’s revolution in 2011, many young Tunisians no longer participate in formal politics, leaving questions about the future of the country’s democracy.

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    Is China A Partner or Predator in Africa (Or Both)?

    China’s relationship with Africa is becoming increasingly more complex as the country continues to invest and send workers across 54 countries on the continent.

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    China and the Global Economy

    Data suggests that the Chinese economy has stabilized in spite of a global economic slowdown, with increased investment and rising property values signalling a stable, though slower, growth.

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    TPP More Than Just About Business

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a necessary condition for the United States to establish a market-oriented and open regional economic order in the Asia-Pacific.

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