Emerging Economies

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    Emerging Markets Unite!

    A new initiative by the BRICS coalition of emerging countries, intended to establish a new development bank, will rival traditional development groups such as the IMF and World Bank and may shift the balance of power of the world's economy.

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    Power Outage

    Power has become more fleeting and transient, with a number of different kinds of constraints limiting the abilities of those in power, whether countries, corporations, churches, or armies.

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    Whither Venezuela After Chavez?

    China’s business and trade links to Venezuela play a far more prominent role in shaping and defining the bilateral relationship than political or diplomatic ties.

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    Egypt’s Economy Two Years After Mubarak

    Two years since the outbreak of democratic revolutions in Egypt, the economic situation in the region remains precarious. Egypt's economy struggles to grapple with high levels of unemployment, decreasing reserves, a widening fiscal deficit, and costly, yet inefficient, subsidies.

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    Bubble Building

    The developed world is eager to grab a slice of someone else's growth if they can't generate any of their own, with potentially negative repercussions for their relations with the developing world.

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    Turkey, Syria, and the Iranian Rial

    Iran is facing a powerful cocktail of sanctions and bad economic policymaking by the Iranians themselves, resulting in shortages on basic staples and popular protests.

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    Talk of a ‘Red Line’ Stirs Fears Inside Iran

    The possibility of a military action targeting Iran, along with the current economic sanctions, are creating anxiety inside the country.

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    Yemen on the Edge

    As international attention remains focused on the protests calling for the removal of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s manifold economic problems threaten Yemen and the region.

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    Russia's Climate Change Record

    Russia has acted to address climate change, but implementation remains problematic. The ongoing drought and forest fires are a wake-up call to the realities of climate change for both Russia’s public and its government officials.

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