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    China’s Power: Up For Debate 2021: Debate 2

    one thing that unites them and puts them in focus is a major push by the Chinese government, in terms of the strategic direction of what it wants its tech industry to be.

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    The Rise of Digital Repression

    It was really important to better understand, in a more systemic way, how are these technologies being used, how are they interacting and shaping some of the larger trends we are seeing, in particular when it comes to democracy and human rights idea.

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    Digital Dictatorship

    The internet was first conceived as a tool to promote free expression, to foster and enliven debate, and to strengthen democratic ideals. But it didn’t quite work out that way.

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    What's Wrong With the Discussion of Influence Operations

    Experts discuss transparency reporting requirements for the big tech companies, data sharing between companies and scholars, what a massive effort at research in this space would look like and whether it has any possibility of coming to be.

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    The Dictator’s “Digital Dilemma”

    Digital repression is on the rise. Governments around the world have used tools like mass surveillance, internet blocking and disinformation to stay in power. This includes both autocratic governments and weak or illiberal democracies.

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    Basically the ways in which technology is being used to, via coercion and other means, accomplish political goals, particularly for leaders who are not democratic and have anti-democratic aspirations.

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    Platform Bans and Free Speech

    Experts speak on the concept of social media platforms banning free speech and what that means its the future.

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    The Information Environment in a Digital Age

    Technology experts discuss how to understand and tackle problems in the current information environment.

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    2020 Elections: Technology and Election Interference

    • Jon Bateman
    • October 14, 2020
    • Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs

    Since the 2016 elections, Americans have been warned by their intelligence agencies that international actors, primarily Russia, have engaged in both cyberattacks and influence operations to attempt to sway the presidential elections.

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    Cybersecurity: A Global Threat Needs a Global Response

    • Tim Maurer, Silvia Senabre, Chris Wilson
    • January 10, 2020
    • International Monetary Fund

    Cybersecurity is no longer just about firewalls, data encryption, and strong passwords.

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