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  • A Conversation with Alexei Venediktov
    July 1, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Alexei Venediktov discussed the dramatic changes facing the Russian political system and the state of media freedom in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

  • India-Bangladesh Relations in the Wake of Modi’s Visit to Bangladesh
    June 29, 2015  – Washington, DC

    While Modi’s visit has ignited a sense of optimism about Bangladesh-India bilateral relations, tensions persist.

  • The Fragile Sahel: Transnational Threats and Sustainable Solutions
    June 24, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Long neglected by outside powers, the Sahel region stands at the strategic nexus of a number of growing challenges facing the African continent, Europe, and the wider Middle East.

  • Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition
    June 23, 2015  – Washington, DC

    At their formation in 1947, India and Pakistan had more in common with each other, and shared more economic and cultural links than any other two nations on earth. Partition created not just a physical boundary, but also a psychological border between these two states.

  • Why Myanmar’s Elections Matter
    June 3, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Myanmar’s general elections, scheduled for early November this year, could mark a watershed in the country’s transition from military dictatorship to parliamentary democracy.

  • Turkey Ahead of June 7 Elections: Voting the “New Turkey”
    June 3, 2015  – Moscow Русский

    In the new global landscape, regional powers such as Turkey will be crucial for maintaining stability.

  • Crimean Tatars Under Russian Occupation: An Updated Assessment
    May 21, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Crimean Tatars have had an antagonistic relationship with Moscow since Stalin’s forcible removal of more than 200,000 of their people from the Crimea in 1944. They have also suffered continuous repression since the Russian annexation of the peninsula last year.

  • Make in India: Challenges and Prospects
    May 21, 2015  – Washington, DC

    India needs to generate one million jobs per month for the next 20 years to absorb its burgeoning working-age population. India’s manufacturing sector, which is relatively underdeveloped, will have to absorb a significant part of this workforce.

  • Modi’s China Policy
    May 21, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Over the last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s China policy has revealed the continuation of India’s asymmetric strategies—seeking to build multiple alignments while remaining grounded in strategic autonomy.

  • Russian Roulette: A Screening with VICE News Reporter Simon Ostrovsky
    May 20, 2015  – Washington, DC

    Since launching the Russian Roulette series in March 2014, VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky has filmed and released over 100 video dispatches, creating a truly singular body of combat reportage about the Russian annexation of Crimea and the bloody war in eastern Ukraine.


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