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  • A Complicated Arrangement: India and the United States Since 1947
    April 14, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Over the last two decades, the U.S.-India relationship has evolved from one of mutual suspicion to one of strategic partnership. Yet the relationship between the two great democracies is still a work in progress.

  • Realizing the Rebalance: The United States Marine Corps in Asia
    April 10, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Lieutenant General John E. Wissler, commander of Marine Forces Japan, will discuss how the United States is cooperating with its Japanese hosts and others in Asia as part of the rebalancing strategy.

  • Youth Inclusion in Morocco: A Discussion With Minister Mohamed Ouzzine
    April 9, 2014  – Washington, DC

    A number of challenges face young people in Morocco, including high unemployment and a corresponding lack of economic opportunities.

  • What to Expect in Post-Election India
    April 9, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Journalist and policy expert Pramit Pal Chaudhuri will assess India’s successes and shortcomings of the past decade and analyze how this spring’s general election is likely to affect India’s economic and foreign policy landscape.

  • China’s Hypersonic Weapons Development
    April 8, 2014  – Washington, DC

    China tested a hypersonic gliding weapon for the first time on January 9. Although details of the test are murky, it confirms a long-suspected Chinese interest in developing hypersonic weapons.

  • After Annexation: Assessing Crimea’s Future With Mustafa Dzhemilev
    April 2, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Renowned leader of the Crimean Tatar National Movement and member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mustafa Dzhemilev, discussed the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis.

  • India’s Improbable Democracy: Resilience and Inadequacies
    April 2, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Since 1947, India has forged and consolidated the world’s largest democracy—an endeavor that is far from complete. India continues to wrestle with such diverse challenges as ethnic conflict, governance deficits, and stunning economic disparities among regions and peoples.

  • India Decides 2014: Assessing the Elections and Beyond
    March 25, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The forthcoming Indian general election, scheduled to begin in mid-April, will be arguably the country’s most critical vote since 1977.

  • Strategic Implications of North Korean Nuclear Missiles
    March 20, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The North Korean nuclear threat is a growing concern in Tokyo and will influence the revision of the U.S.-Japan bilateral defense cooperation guidelines.

  • Marwan Muasher in Conversation With Thomas L. Friedman
    March 19, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Three years after the Arab world was rocked by the uprisings that brought down longstanding autocratic regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, the region remains embroiled in a transformational struggle for the future.


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