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  • The U.S.-Japan Alliance in a New Defense Guidelines Era
    November 21, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The United States and Japan are entering the critical final phase in revising their guidelines for defense cooperation.

  • Understanding Hungary’s Political Path
    November 19, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Hungary offers an important example of the problems that an apparently consolidated democracy can encounter. It also poses a test for the European Union and the United States on how to respond when democracy comes under stress in an EU member state.

  • Democracy Is More Difficult Than Physics
    November 19, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Emerging democracies are periodically vulnerable to legitimacy crises by the expansion of popular participation.

  • U.S.-Myanmar Relations: The Significance of Obama’s Visit
    November 18, 2014  – Washington, DC

    As President Obama travels to Myanmar for the East Asia Summit and U.S.-ASEAN Summit on November 12, pressure on the Myanmar government is mounting to revise its pro-military constitution and enact real reform.

  • Prospects for the Coalition Government in Afghanistan
    November 13, 2014  – Washington, DC

    While Afghanistan may be emerging from the period of great uncertainty that followed the fraud-ridden presidential run-off of June 2014, it is far from out of the woods.

  • Rosewater Film Screening and Discussion with Maziar Bahari and Jon Stewart
    November 9, 2014  – Washington, DC

    Rosewater, a 2014 film written and directed by Jon Stewart, is based on the memoir by Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari about his time in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison.

  • Pakistan’s Role in Afghanistan’s Transition
    November 6, 2014  – Washington, DC

    As the deadline for withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan approaches, Afghanistan’s neighbors will have a greater impact on shaping the country’s uncertain future.

  • Rising Tensions in the North Caucasus
    November 5, 2014  – Washington, DC

    The North Caucasus may be out of the headlines, but it remains the most turbulent part of the Russian Federation.

  • From Hizbullah to the Islamic State
    November 3, 2014  – Washington, DC

    From humble beginnings in the 1980s, Hizbullah’s political clout and public perception have trended upward, thanks to a communications strategy that has adapted to changes in the local and regional environment.

  • National Insecurity
    October 30, 2014  – Washington, DC

    From the Middle East to Eastern Europe, crises grip the globe. A growing group of rivals and dangerous non-state actors now pose an array of new threats to the international order.


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