Tim Maurer

Maurer co-leads the Cyber Policy Initiative at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His research focuses on cyberspace and international affairs, namely cybersecurity, human rights online, and Internet governance.

MPP, Harvard University
BA, Political Science, Free University Berlin


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Tim Maurer is a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and co-directs the Cyber Policy Initiative. His research focuses on cyberspace and international affairs, namely cybersecurity, human rights online, and Internet governance. He is currently writing a book on cybersecurity and proxy actors.

Maurer is a member of several U.S. track 1.5 cyber dialogues and the Freedom Online Coalition’s cybersecurity working group “An Internet Free and Secure.” He was a member of the Research Advisory Network of the Global Commission on Internet Governance, co-chaired the Advisory Board of the Global Conference on CyberSpace in The Hague, and developed the Global Cyber Definitions Database for the chair of the OSCE to support the implementation of the organization’s cyber confidence-building measures. Maurer has also been invited repeatedly to speak about cybersecurity at the United Nations in New York and Geneva. He is the lead author of “Tipping the Scale: An Analysis of Global Swing States in the Internet Governance Debate” published by the Global Commission on Internet Governance and co-authored the  ‘International Relations and Cyber Security’ entry for Oxford Bibliographies. His work has been published by Jane’s Intelligence Review, TIME, Foreign Policy, CNN, Slate, and other academic and media venues.

Prior to joining Carnegie, Maurer was the director of the Global Cybersecurity Norms and Resilience Project at New America and head of research of New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. He also spent several years focusing on humanitarian assistance and the coordination of the UN system gaining experience with the United Nations in Rwanda, Geneva, and New York.

The Carnegie

Some of the fastest-changing technology is occurring in cyberspace, often outpacing existing norms and ethics around the use of such technology. Autonomous weapons are already a reality, but defense departments and politicians are only now beginning to grapple with how to use them. Before long, can we expect to see a weapon system that has no human at all in the decision chain? Tim Maurer, co-director of Carnegie Endowment’s Cyber Policy Initiative and David Brumley, director of Carnegie Mellon’s Security & Privacy Institute, sat down with Tom Carver to discuss these important issues.

The Carnegie Podcast is a regular series hosted by Tom Carver featuring commentary and analysis from Carnegie experts on critical global issues.

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