Aron Lund

Syria in Crisis
Aron Lund is the editor of Syria in Crisis and the author of several reports and books on the Syrian opposition movement.


MA, Uppsala University


Arabic; English; Swedish

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Aron Lund, editor of Syria in Crisis, has published extensively on Syrian opposition movements and military dynamics. In addition to being a regular contributor to various journals and newspapers, Lund has published two books and several reports on Syrian militias and opposition politics. He is also the author of “Struggling to Adapt: The Muslim Brotherhood in a New Syria.”

  • Syria in Crisis June 29, 2015
    The Islamic State Marks One Year as a 'Caliphate'

    In a recent audio recording, the spokesperson of the Islamic State marks the group's first year, admonishes rivals, and fuels sectarian tensions.

  • Syria in Crisis June 25, 2015
    The Battle for Daraa

    In what may be the latest in a string of losses for the Syrian army, President Bashar al-Assad may be about to lose control of another provincial capital, Daraa.

  • Syria in Crisis June 4, 2015
    After Palmyra: Military and Economic Targets of the Islamic State

    With the recent capture of the city of Palmyra, the Islamic State has reasserted its anti-Assad credentials and put another tremendous economic strain on the Syrian government.

  • Syria in Crisis May 28, 2015
    What if No One Is Winning the War in Syria?

    With no discernible end or victor in sight, stateless violence and spheres of influence controlled by various factions may become the norm in Syria.

  • Syria in Crisis May 15, 2015
    “Syrians have overthrown Staffan de Mistura:” An Interview with Subhi al-Refai

    A wide coalition of Syrian rebel groups have announced that they will boycott political talks proposed by the United Nations. Aron Lund interviews Subhi al-Refai on these developments.

  • Syria in Crisis May 14, 2015
    Who Will Succeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? (And Does He Need a Successor?)

    Rumors are again circulating regarding the health of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sparking discussions of potential replacements and their necessary qualifications.

  • Syria in Crisis May 13, 2015 Русский
    Is Assad Losing the War in Syria?

    The debate has raged for several years over whether the Assad regime is on the verge of collapse. But there is a more important question not being asked.

  • Syria in Crisis April 30, 2015
    The Death of Rustum Ghazaleh

    The gruesome death of a long-time Syrian intelligence and military officer raises questions about the internal cohesion of the embattled Syrian regime and whether Bashar al-Assad can hold on much longer.

  • Syria soldier devastation
    Syria in Crisis April 24, 2015
    Are Saudi Arabia and Turkey About to Intervene in Syria?

    Without U.S. backing and approval, a large-scale Arab and Turkish military intervention in Syria isn’t likely. But that’s not the only way to increase pressure on Assad.

  • Syria in Crisis April 21, 2015
    The End of the Levant Front

    The once promising Levant Front in Aleppo has announced its dissolution after just four months.

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