Aron Lund

Syria in Crisis
Aron Lund is the editor of Syria in Crisis and the author of several reports and books on the Syrian opposition movement.


MA, Uppsala University


Arabic; English; Swedish

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Aron Lund, editor of Syria in Crisis, has published extensively on Syrian opposition movements and military dynamics. In addition to being a regular contributor to various journals and newspapers, Lund has published two books and several reports on Syrian militias and opposition politics. He is also the author of “Struggling to Adapt: The Muslim Brotherhood in a New Syria.”

  • Syria in Crisis December 15, 2014
    Exile Has No Religion

    The resettlement of Syrian refugees is a task best carried out on the basis of need and ability, not by sectarian or ethnic preference.

  • Syria in Crisis December 12, 2014
    The Betrayal of Syria’s Refugees

    As the wealthiest members of the international community fail to address the Syrian refugee issue, the number of Syrians in need of resettlement will only keep growing.

  • Syria in Crisis December 1, 2014
    The Revolutionary Command Council: Rebel Unity in Syria?

    The Revolutionary Command Council has arrived in a time of crisis for Syria’s rebels. If it survives its formative period without major splits, it may well establish itself as the new political framework for most of the Syrian opposition.

  • Syria in Crisis November 24, 2014
    Lebanon’s Dangerous Downward Spiral

    The refugee influx, fighting along the Lebanese-Syrian border, and the intervention of Lebanese Shia and Sunni Islamists on opposite sides in Syria’s civil war have all contributed greatly to the withering of Lebanon’s already precarious stability.

  • Syria in Crisis November 12, 2014
    “Our Enemy Is Bashar al-Assad”: An Interview With Ahrar al-Sham’s Mohammed Talal Bazerbashi

    Ahrar al-Sham has long been seen as one of the “swing voters” of the Syrian insurgency, and it may turn out to be pivotal in the current struggle for northwestern Syria.

  • Syria in Crisis November 6, 2014
    Who Did the United States Just Attack in Syria and Why?

    U.S. fighter jets, bombers, and drones have recently struck several targets in the Sarmada region of Idlib Province in northwest Syria, near the Turkish border. The targets of the attack have proven to be both disputed and controversial.

  • Syria in Crisis November 3, 2014
    Al-Qaeda’s Bid for Power in Northwest Syria

    With the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front consolidating its control over key regions in Idlib, the group now appears to be the single strongest faction in northwestern Syria, shifting the power on the ground.

  • Syria in Crisis October 24, 2014 Русский
    Who Are the Soldiers of the Islamic State?

    Most Islamic State fighters on the ground are local Syrians and Iraqis. Many of them are conservative and religious, but the vast majority are not ideological Salafi-jihadis.

  • Syria in Crisis October 17, 2014 Русский
    Let Them Eat Bombs: The Cost of Ignoring Syria’s Humanitarian Crisis

    Even if the Syrian conflict were to be viewed solely through a security prism, the international community’s tepid response to the humanitarian crisis is counterproductive.

  • Syria in Crisis October 13, 2014
    Cold Winter Coming: Syria’s Fuel Crisis

    While the eyes of the world are glued to the U.S.-led intervention against the Islamic State, millions of Syrians suffer from a far more serious problem: they fear that they won’t be able to cook their food or keep the cold out of their homes this winter.

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