Aron Lund

Nonresident Associate
Middle East Program
Aron Lund is a nonresident associate in the Middle East Program and the author of several reports and books on the Syrian opposition movement.


MA, Uppsala University


Arabic; English; Swedish

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Aron Lund, a nonresident associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program, has published extensively on Syrian opposition movements and military dynamics. In addition to being a regular contributor to various journals and newspapers, Lund has published two books and several reports on Syrian militias and opposition politics. He is also the author of “Struggling to Adapt: The Muslim Brotherhood in a New Syria.”

  • Syria in Crisis May 23, 2016
    Not Just Russia: The Iranian Surge in Syria

    Russia’s September 2015 aerial intervention in Syria would not have succeeded without a parallel Iranian intervention on the ground.

  • Op-Ed Century Foundation May 13, 2016
    A Fistful of Dollars: The Dwindling Value of Syrian State Salaries

    As the Syrian pound continues to lose value, paychecks may simply become too few and too small to move the full machinery of the state.

  • Syria in Crisis May 4, 2016
    Showdown in East Ghouta

    If negotiations fail to overcome the divide between rebel factions, the East Ghouta may be heading for a permanent internal split.

  • Op-Ed Century Foundation April 26, 2016
    A Syrian Tempest in the Geneva Teapot

    Splits among certain factions have provided a window into the world of the Syrian opposition and its enduring structural problems, internal rivalries, and ties to foreign states.

  • Syria in Crisis April 19, 2016
    After Zahran: Rising Tension in the East Ghouta

    Tensions among rebel groups in Syria’s East Ghouta threaten to destabilize the enclave and perhaps even the broader Syrian rebellion.

  • Syria in Crisis April 18, 2016
    An Islamist Experiment: Political Order in the East Ghouta

    Rebels in Syria’s East Ghouta enclave have established a unique system of coordination and governance under the auspices of one of Syria’s most powerful rebel factions.

  • Syria in Crisis April 5, 2016
    Assad’s Other War: Winning on the Ground, Defeated by the Pound?

    The rapid depreciation of the Syrian pound has caused a further decline in the living standards of ordinary Syrians and threatens the continued functioning of what remains of the state.

  • Syria in Crisis March 31, 2016
    After Palmyra, Where Next for Assad?

    President Bashar al-Assad’s advance into Palmyra has redrawn Syria’s military battlefield and may accelerate a shift in the political landscape of the conflict as well.

  • Syria in Crisis March 18, 2016
    Syria: The First Five Years

    Five years into the conflict, a credible path toward peace has yet to emerge in Syria.

  • Syria in Crisis March 15, 2016
    Interpreting the Russian Withdrawal from Syria

    Russia’s announcement of its withdrawal from Syria has surprised the international community and raised questions about the underlying calculations of the decision and the effect it may have on Syria’s future.

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