• Op-Ed

    Cracking China’s Debt Conundrum

    What is seen by some as a generalized debt problem is actually more of a restructuring issue involving downsizing of a subset of state-owned enterprises.

    • Op-Ed

    The United States Can No Longer Overlook Asia’s Re-emerging Great Powers

    The Donald Trump administration is beginning to take shape, but still has a long way to go in identifying personnel and defining policy goals, particularly in Asia.

    • China’s Power: Up for Debate

      China has not necessarily been successful at leveraging its economic might to promote its interests.

      • TV/Radio Broadcast

      China and the Global Economy

      Data suggests that the Chinese economy has stabilized in spite of a global economic slowdown, with increased investment and rising property values signalling a stable, though slower, growth.

      • Op-Ed

      Trump and U.S.-China Trade Tensions

      Accusing China of causing America’s trade deficits is politically expedient yet inaccurate. America’s deficits emerged long before the beginning of China’s large surpluses.

      • Event

      Creating a Stable Asia

      Efforts by the United States or China to secure future predominance in the Western Pacific will prove futile and dangerous, given a host of security, economic, and diplomatic factors. Instead, creating a stable de facto balance of power is necessary and feasible for both countries.

      • Op-Ed

      China: Choosing More Debt, More Unemployment, Or Transfers

      China’s success will depend Beijing’s ability to centralize power, to begin to sell off government assets, to rein in credit growth, and to accept much lower GDP growth rates.

      • TV/Radio Broadcast

      TPP Is in a Coma and China Stands to Gain

      The prospects for the Trans-Pacific Partnership look dim in the face of a Trump administration, which may open opportunities for China to take the lead in the Pacific region.

      • Op-Ed

      China’s Many Economies

      It can be tempting to overgeneralize about patterns in China’s economic development—even for scholars who acknowledge the country’s great diversity.

      • Op-Ed

      China Trade Realities for the Trump Administration

      There is no direct link between the emergence of American deficits and China’s surpluses. Moreover, there is little evidence that an undervalued yuan played a major role in driving China’s surpluses.

    China Insights

    This Chinese-language monthly offers objective and original policy analysis on China for American and Chinese researchers and policymakers.

    Carnegie Experts on

    • expert thumbnail - Alagappa
      Muthiah Alagappa
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Alagappa, a nonresident senior fellow in the Asia Program, was the first holder of the Tun Hussein Onn Chair in international studies at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His research focuses primarily on Asian security, the political legitimacy of governments, civil society and political change, and the political role of the military in Asia.
    • expert thumbnail - Feigenbaum
      Evan A. Feigenbaum
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Feigenbaum’s work focuses principally on China and India, geopolitics in Asia, and the role of the United States in East, Central, and South Asia. His previous positions include deputy assistant secretary of state for South Asia, deputy assistant secretary of state for Central Asia, and member of the secretary of state’s policy planning staff with principal responsibility for East Asia and the Pacific.
    • expert thumbnail - Godement
      François Godement
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Godement, an expert on Chinese and East Asian strategic and international affairs, is a nonresident senior fellow in the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    • expert thumbnail - Haenle
      Paul Haenle
      Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy
      Haenle served as the director for China, Taiwan, and Mongolian Affairs on the National Security Council staffs of former president George W. Bush and President Barack Obama prior to joining Carnegie.
    • expert thumbnail - Holden
      John L. Holden
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Holden is a nonresident senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program. He also advises corporations and other organizations on their operations in China and assists Chinese companies overseas.
    • expert thumbnail - Huang
      Yukon Huang
      Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Huang is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program, where his research focuses on China’s economic development and its impact on Asia and the global economy.
    • expert thumbnail - Lee
      Chung Min Lee
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Chung Min Lee is a nonresident senior fellow in Carnegie’s Asia Program.
    • expert thumbnail - Medeiros
      Evan Medeiros
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Evan S. Medeiros is a nonresident senior fellow in the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    • expert thumbnail - Nehru
      Vikram Nehru
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Nehru is a nonresident senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program. An expert on development economics, growth, poverty reduction, debt sustainability, governance, and the performance and prospects of East Asia, his research focuses on the economic, political, and strategic issues confronting Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.
    • expert thumbnail - Paal
      Douglas H. Paal
      Vice President for Studies
      Paal previously served as vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase International and as unofficial U.S. representative to Taiwan as director of the American Institute in Taiwan.
    • expert thumbnail - Pettis
      Michael Pettis
      Nonresident Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Pettis, an expert on China’s economy, is professor of finance at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, where he specializes in Chinese financial markets.
    • expert thumbnail - Schoff
      James L. Schoff
      Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Schoff is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program. His research focuses on U.S.-Japanese relations and regional engagement, Japanese politics and security, and the private sector’s role in Japanese policymaking.
    • expert thumbnail - Swaine
      Michael Swaine
      Senior Fellow
      Asia Program
      Swaine is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and one of the most prominent American analysts in Chinese security studies.

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