Russia and Eurasia

    • Putin’s Populism Trap

      In contrast to the populist image Russian President Vladimir Putin has created to galvanize support, he is part of today’s Russian establishment elite.

      • Event

      Russia’s Road to Revolution

      In the centenary year of the October Revolution, Russian journalist Mikhail Zygar has created a groundbreaking online tool for understanding Russia’s road to revolution

      • TV/Radio Broadcast

      The Putin Files: The Economy

      While there has been no real challenge from other political organized structures, Russian President Vladimir Putin was reelected in 2012 out of the desire for economic growth.

      • Ukraine Reform Monitor: October 2017

        President Poroshenko’s power consolidation—and pushback against it—is the hallmark of Ukrainian politics heading toward elections in 2019. Yet reform progress is being made, even if the pace remains slow.

        • Op-Ed

        Putin’s Latest Anti-American Intervention: Venezuela

        For all its bellicose talk and new sanctions against Nicolás Maduro’s government, the Trump administration has been oddly silent about Russia’s role, perhaps preferring not to draw attention to the fact that Moscow is now the bankrupt nation’s lender of last resort.

        • Op-Ed

        Putin’s Budapest Bargain Is Built on Shaky Ground

        The conventional wisdom is that relations between Russia and Hungary are unusually positive and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is looking to Vladimir Putin’s Russia for inspiration for his illiberal state. Looks can be deceiving, though.

        • Task Force White Paper

        How the EU Needs to Manage Relations With Its Eastern Neighborhood

        • Kadri Liik
        • August 23, 2017

        The EU must engage prudently with its Eastern European neighbors to encourage progress toward rules-based democratic governance while supporting their sovereignty in their dealings with Russia.

        • Op-Ed

        Vladimir Putin’s Russia Goes Global

        Russia’s renewed activism isn’t about dictating events in particular corners of the world. It is about exploiting opportunities to undermine and hollow out the U.S.-led international order, with its norms of economic openness, democratic accountability and the rule of law.

        • Op-Ed

        We’ve Seen This Movie Before. In Russia.

        Conventional wisdom holds that the present situation in Washington is unprecedented. But veteran Russia-watchers have seen this before. They remember Russia in the 1990s.

        • Uncertain Continuity: Central Asia and the Trump Administration

          Consumed by domestic controversies and growing foreign policy crises in North Korea and the Middle East, the Trump administration has put little effort into developing a new policy approach towards Central Asia.

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        Carnegie Experts on
        Russia and Eurasia

        • expert thumbnail - Weiss
          Andrew S. Weiss
          James Family Chair
          Vice President for Studies
          Weiss is the James Family Chair and vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment, where he oversees research in Washington and Moscow on Russia and Eurasia.
        • expert thumbnail - Rumer
          Eugene Rumer
          Director and Senior Fellow
          Russia and Eurasia Program
          Rumer, a former national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at the U.S. National Intelligence Council, is a senior fellow and the director of Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program.
        • expert thumbnail - Stronski
          Paul Stronski
          Senior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program
          Paul Stronski is a senior fellow in Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program, where his research focuses on the relationship between Russia and neighboring countries in Central Asia and the South Caucasus.
        • expert thumbnail - Gurganus
          Julia Gurganus
          Visiting Scholar
          Russia and Eurasia Program
          Julia Gurganus is a visiting scholar with the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her research focus is on trends in Russian foreign policy and Russia-U.S. relations.
        • expert thumbnail - Collins
          James Collins
          Nonresident Senior Fellow
          Russia and Eurasia Program;
          Diplomat in Residence
          Ambassador Collins was the U.S. ambassador to the Russian Federation from 1997 to 2001 and is an expert on the former Soviet Union, its successor states, and the Middle East.
        • expert thumbnail - Jarábik
          Balázs Jarábik
          Nonresident Scholar
          Russia and Eurasia Program
          Jarábik is a nonresident scholar focusing on Eastern and Central Europe with particular focus on Ukraine.
        • expert thumbnail - Sokolsky
          Richard Sokolsky
          Nonresident Senior Fellow
          Russia and Eurasia Program
          Richard Sokolsky is a nonresident senior fellow in Carnegie’s Russia and Eurasia Program. His work focuses on U.S. policy toward Russia in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.
        • expert thumbnail - de Waal
          Thomas de Waal
          Senior Fellow
          Carnegie Europe
          De Waal is a senior fellow with Carnegie Europe, specializing in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region.
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