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  • Book
    Getting India Back on Track: An Action Agenda for Reform
    Ashley J. Tellis, Reece Trevor 06/09/2014

    A playbook for how Indian policymakers can return the country to a path of high and sustained economic growth.

  • Article
    The BRICS Bank: Now Comes the Hard Part
    Vikram Nehru 07/17/2014

    The BRICS bank is good news for developing countries. If done right, it could change the landscape for multilateral development financing.

  • Op-Ed
    Five Myths About Hamas
    Nathan J. Brown 07/18/2014

    Predicting how Hamas is likely to act and react requires probing what the organization can do, what it wants, and how it sees itself. From Hamas’s angle, the current fighting offers just as many opportunities as threats.

  • Paper
    Egypt’s Media in the Midst of Revolution

    More than three years after the January 25 revolution toppled then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt continues to struggle with an authoritarian media sector and constraints on freedom of expression.

  • Op-Ed
    Iraq Illusions
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews 07/10/2014

    The story in Iraq, which has seemed to be all about religion and military developments, is actually mostly about politics: access to government revenue and services, a say in decision-making, and a modicum of social justice.

  • Op-Ed
    How to Resolve the Iran Impasse
    George Perkovich 07/10/2014

    If Iran, the United States and the others could agree to pre-stock fuel for Bushehr and focus Iran’s enrichment program on research and development, it would be in everyone’s interest to extend the negotiations on this basis.

  • Q&A
    What Are the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis?

    Russia’s annexation of Crimea and possible future incursions into eastern Ukraine could reshape the geopolitical map of Europe and derail cooperation between Moscow and the West for years to come.

  • Sada - Analysis
    The Syrian Refugees Problem

    Fears of a potential shift in Lebanon’s confessional balance are driving power brokers to enact harsher restrictions on incoming Syrian refugees.

  • Q&A
    China’s Traditional Values and Modern Foreign Policy
    Zhang Lihua 01/15/2013

    China's traditional values still play a central role in modern-day policy making, but China should find ways to make these values more relevant for the international community to help bridge the gap between Chinese and Western cultures.

  • Sada - Analysis
    More Than ISIS, Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency

    Maliki’s alienation of Sunni actors is at the heart of ISIS’s success in Iraq.

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