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  • Op-Ed
    On Saudi-Iranian Dynamics
    Karim Sadjadpour 02/16/2015Iranian President Rowhani Salutes Journalists.

    Regional conflicts exacerbate the animosity and mistrust between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which in turn exacerbate the regional conflicts.

  • Op-Ed
    Putin the Improviser
    Andrew S. Weiss 02/20/2015

    The Ukraine showdown is even scarier and more dangerous than most people think: President Putin is making it up as he goes along.

  • Op-Ed
    Turkey’s Interests and Tanideh
    Mark Hibbs 02/23/2015

    Turkey has figured in a recent case where nonproliferation interests and perceived strategic interests collided.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Sanctions Will Not Deter Putin
    Eugene Rumer 02/23/2015

    The West’s policy of imposing sanctions on Russia and sending weapons to Kyiv will not cause the Kremlin to change its course on Ukraine.

  • Op-Ed
    The Battle for Libya’s Oil
    Frederic Wehrey 02/09/2015

    Nearly three and a half years after Libyan rebels and a NATO air campaign overthrew Muammar al-Qaddafi, the cohesive political entity known as Libya doesn’t exist. There is no central government, but rather two competing claims on legitimacy and sovereignty.

  • Op-Ed
    On Extremism: Stop Talking About Strategy and Start Talking About Execution
    Nathaniel Myers 02/17/2015

    The U.S. government has some very good ideas about how to apply civilian tools to help stabilize fragile states and staunch the spread of extremism more effectively. The problem is not a lack of insight or strategic direction—the problem is in the execution.

  • Paper
    Simmering Unrest and Succession Challenges in Oman

    The uncertain health of the sultan of Oman has heightened concern about the future of the country. Amid mounting popular frustration, criticism of Qaboos bin Said Al Said has emerged. There are several measures the regime can undertake to avoid further unrest.

  • Event Panel
    Interview with Khalid Kidwai

    Peter Lavoy will interview Lieutenant General Khalid Kidwai, advisor to Pakistan’s National Command Authority.

  • Op-Ed
    Chinese Takeaway: Railway Lessons
    C. Raja Mohan 02/25/2015Train

    As the Indian government presents the rail budget, it is worth reflecting on the growing gap between the Indian railway system and that of its Asian peer, China.

  • Q&A
    What Are the Global Implications of the Ukraine Crisis?

    Russia’s annexation of Crimea and possible future incursions into eastern Ukraine could reshape the geopolitical map of Europe and derail cooperation between Moscow and the West for years to come.

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