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  • Event Panel
    A Conversation with Gen. Khalid Kidwai

    Peter Lavoy interviewed Lieutenant General Khalid Kidwai, advisor to Pakistan’s National Command Authority.

  • Book
    Turkey’s Nuclear Future
    George Perkovich, Sinan Ülgen 03/24/2015

    Turkey is a rising economic and political force with the ability to affect dynamics in the greater Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. To meet its rising energy needs, the country—already an important actor in the international nuclear order—plans to establish nuclear power plants on its territory.

  • Article
    His Majesty’s Islamists: The Moroccan Experience
    Mohammed Masbah 03/23/2015

    Through compromise and cooperation, Morocco’s king and the ruling Islamist Party of Justice and Development have figured out how to get along.

  • Event Panel
    CTBT: What's New and What's Next?

    What is standing in the way of ratification of the CTBT by states in the Middle East, South Asia, and elsewhere? How robust is the international monitoring system? Can the United States and others maintain the reliability of their arsenals under the CTBT? What is next for the global nuclear test ban?

  • Report
    Murky Waters: Naval Nuclear Dynamics in the Indian Ocean
    Iskander Rehman 03/09/2015

    As India and Pakistan develop their naval nuclear forces, they will enter increasingly murky waters. By further institutionalizing relations between their navies, both countries may succeed in adding a greater degree of stability to a dangerously volatile maritime environment.

  • Op-Ed
    Broken Ukraine
    Paul Stronski 03/18/2015Broken Ukraine

    The rise of an ungoverned, violent Donbass—which had a prewar population of six million—is likely to be one of the war’s most important lasting legacies.

  • Event Panel
    Keynote: Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

    Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz gave a keynote address.

  • Report
    Know Your Oil: Creating a Global Oil-Climate Index
    Deborah Gordon 03/11/2015

    Oil is changing. Conventional oil resources are dwindling as tight oil, oil sands, heavy oils, and others emerge.

  • Event Panel
    Luncheon Keynote: A Conversation with Director General Yukiya Amano

    A conversation between Natalie Nougayrède and his Excellency Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

  • Event Panel
    2015 NPT Review Conference: Tragedy, Farce, or Unexpected Success?

    The 2015 NPT Review Conference promises to be highly contentious with a number of unresolved issues, including Russia’s violation of the Budapest Memorandum. How are these issues likely to play out in New York when the Review Conference convenes in April 2015 and what is the probable outcome?

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