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Burns: Implementation Key to Iran Nuclear Deal

July 30, 2015

IN THIS ISSUE: Burns: implementation key to Iran deal, AEOI: 1mln SWUs enrichment capacity available, Saudi Arabia: give us 600 patriot missiles, Erdogan in China for talks about missile program, probe into Brazil's nuclear submarine program, nuclear cooperation between West African states. Read more ►

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  • July 28, 2015 Edition
    Lawmakers Say Iran Unlikely to Address Suspicions of Secret Weapons Program

    IN THIS ISSUE: Iran 'unlikely' to address secret weapons program, in Israel, some support Iran deal, Obama's critics are real gamblers on Iran, Japan two weeks from nuclear power, Kazakhstan dismissed Gaddafi's "Muslim nuclear bomb," mission to purge Syria of chemical weapons comes up short.

  • July 23, 2015 Edition
    Iran Rejects Nuclear Curbs Beyond 10 Years

    IN THIS ISSUE: Iran rejects nuclear curbs beyond 10 years, Rouhani hails nuclear deal, White House acknowledges 'side' deals between Iran, IAEA, Senate GOP launches preemptive strike against Iran pitch, a game-changing deal, Salehi: Iran in talks with China to build two more nuclear power plants.

  • July 21, 2015 Edition
    Seven Realities That Made an Iran Deal Almost Inevitable

    IN THIS ISSUE: Seven realities that made an Iran deal almost inevitable, the aim of IAEA verification in Iran, what does Iran get in exchange for the bomb?, the good, the bad and the ugly nuclear agreement, China pushes forward hypersonic missile tests, a decade of the India nuclear deal.

  • July 16, 2015 Edition
    Iran Ain’t Gonna Sneak Out Under this Deal

    IN THIS ISSUE: Iran ain’t gonna sneak out under this deal, peace in the Gulf after the Iran deal, what does the Iran deal mean for Syria?, how the Iran nuke deal gives India room in the greater Middle East, what the Iran deal means for Europe, the implications of the Iran nuclear deal.

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