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Amano's Move on Marivan

December 18, 2014

IN THIS ISSUE: Amano's move on Marivan, Araqchi dismisses assessment of results of talks with P5+1, sanctions, sabotage, science delay Iran's missile program, India to lease a second nuclear submarine from Russia, tainted water leaks at Fukushima, Ghana prepares for nuclear energy program.Read more ►

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  • December 16, 2014 Edition
    Russia Says it Has a Right to Put Nuclear Weapons in Crimea

    IN THIS ISSUE: Russia says it has right to put nuclear weapons in Crimea, China wants 'made in China' nuclear reactors, is Iran already cheating on a nuclear deal?, nuclear-armed subs may cost US 17% More, India's first indigenous nuclear submarine, Rousseff inaugurates nuclear sub shipyard.

  • December 11, 2014 Edition
    Preemptive Nuclear Strike Omitted From Russia's New Military Doctrine

    IN THIS ISSUE: Preemptive nuclear strike omitted from Russia's new military doctrine, IAEA dismisses Iranian offer of access, Russia and India sign nuclear deal, Navy tests laser weapon on drones and boats, focus on US reactors, N. Korea 'to have 20 nuclear warheads by 2016.'

  • December 9, 2014 Edition
    U.S. Officials List Iran's Concessions in Nuke Talks

    IN THIS ISSUE: US lists Iran concessions , US accuses Iran of breaching UN sanctions, purchase of new equipment for Arak 'not against deal,' Russia may set up 20-24 nuclear energy units in India, Finland deepens nuclear ties with Russia, pope says nuclear deterrence no longer justifiable doctrine.

  • December 4, 2014 Edition
    Thérèse Delpech Memorial Award

    IN THIS ISSUE: Thérèse Delpech Memorial Award, Navy: women secretly filmed in shower, Iran atom deal seeks to 'plug any gaps on centrifuge R&D,' US diplomats to argue against new Iran sanctions, China conducts third flight test of hypersonic strike vehicle, Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship.

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