North Africa

  • Strategic Europe
    A New Phase in Tunisia’s Transition
    Richard Youngs March 2, 2015

    Tunisia has made progress in its journey to democracy, but many obstacles remain. The international community must keep its focus on the country’s unfinished transition.

  • Sada - Analysis
    The Egyptian Pope’s Risky Partisanship
    Johannes Makar February 26, 2015 عربي

    Pope Tawadros II, the main political voice of the Coptic community, has seemingly allied with President Sisi, but this comes at the expense of defending Coptic rights.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    What Is Behind the Sirte Tragedy?
    Alexey Malashenko February 24, 2015

    The ISIS cannot be defeated through military strikes only. The Islamic State is just a tip of the radical Islamist iceberg, which is firmly entrenched in the Muslim world.

  • Sada - Analysis
    An Interview on Moroccan Salafi-Jihadis
    Mohammed Hakiki February 17, 2015 عربي

    Sada speaks to Mohammed Hakiki, the executive director of the Karama Human Rights Forum, about how to contain the Islamic State’s appeal.

  • Sada - Analysis
    Tunisia’s Unstable Majority Government
    Sarah Mersch February 12, 2015 عربي

    Tunisia’s new coalition cabinet is hardly a beacon of stability, confronting ideological differences between four different parties.

  • Sada - Analysis
    A Generational Battle Among Brothers
    Mostafa Hashem January 29, 2015 عربي

    Youth members are now assuming a more active role in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, pushing the group to escalate its call for revolutionary action against President Sisi.

  • Strategic Europe
    Judy Asks: Can Europe Help Africa’s Failed States?
    Judy Dempsey January 28, 2015

    Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

  • Sada Discussion
    The Middle East’s Crude Reality
    Sada Debate January 22, 2015 عربي

    In the Middle East, producers are facing different effects of the recent drop in oil prices. Four oil experts explore the impact of falling prices on the economies of key regional producers.

  • Syria in Crisis
    Is Sisi Islam’s Martin Luther?
    Michele Dunne, Katie Bentivoglio January 16, 2015

    Despite his call for a “religious revolution” in Islam, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s gestures fit into a pattern of instrumentalizing religion for political purposes. Religious freedom under Sisi’s presidency may not be worse than it was under Mubarak or Morsi, but it is certainly no better.

  • Syria in Crisis
    After Tunisia’s Elections, It’s Time for Realism and Reconciliation
    Katie Bentivoglio January 9, 2015

    After successful elections, Tunisia forges ahead with its political transition, with speculations that the country’s two main political parties—the staunchly secular Nidaa Tounes and the Islamist Ennahda—are moving towards reconciliation.


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