• TV/Radio Broadcast
    Kurdish Statehood: An Israeli Wish
    Yezid Sayigh August 2, 2014 Press TV

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the creation of an independent Kurdish state. But why has Israel expressed support for Kurdish independence?

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    ISIS Insurgents Battle Military on Outskirts of Baghdad
    Lina Khatib June 17, 2014 RT America

    Sunni militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are clashing with Iraqi military units in the city of Baqubah, 40 miles from Baghdad.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Militant Group Moves to Create Islamic State in Iraq
    Lina Khatib June 17, 2014 National Public Radio

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who have laid siege to large parts of Iraq, contains all the necessary ingredients to become a global terrorist group.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    The Struggle for Power in Iraq
    Lina Khatib June 15, 2014 BBC World Service’s Newshour

    Fighters from ISIS have taken over the major towns of Mosul and Tikrit. If they manage to hang on to them, how are they likely to govern?

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    10th Anniversary of Iraq War
    Zhang Chuanjie March 20, 2013 CCTV

    Given continuing sectarian strife and a rise in terrorist cells in Iraq, the U.S. invasion of the country could be a considered a military victory but is increasingly seen as the wrong political decision.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Foreign Policy Challenges in 2010
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews January 4, 2010 The Diane Rehm Show

    Efforts to combat terrorism largely defined the global security agenda during the past decade, when small terrorist groups, with as few as three hundred active members, were able to inflict enormous amounts of damage on regional, national, and international scales.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Iraq Prepares for Upcoming Provincial Elections
    Marina Ottaway January 28, 2009 The Takeaway

    Fifteen million Iraqis are expected to turn out to vote in upcoming provincial elections. While the distribution of power between the Shiite and Sunni will not change, there is the possibility that elections may redistribute power among Shiite and Sunni organizations.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Iraq Troop Pullout
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews September 9, 2008 Southern California Public Radio

    President Bush’s announcement that 8,000 troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by February 2009 reflects the extreme fragility of the current situation, and a recognition that the gains made to date could quickly unravel. Jessica Mathews discusses the reasons for and consequences of the withdrawal timetable.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Critical Issues for U.S. Foreign Policy
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews May 22, 2008 Great Decisions

    Jessica T. Mathews addresses U.S.-Russian relations, nonproliferation, Iran, and global philanthropy in an interview for the Great Decisions Television Series, an eight show series that examines all sides of the most critical foreign policy issues.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Iran in Iraq
    Karim Sadjadpour May 7, 2008 The Diane Rehm Show

    The government in Tehran is publicly committed to supporting stability in Iraq, but there are new reports of groups inside Iran training and arming Iraqi militants. Carnegie's Karim Sadjadpour discusses his perspective on Iran's role in Iraq and its influence throughout the Middle East.

  • Event
    What Next for Kurdistan and Iraq?
    Maria Fantappie, Kawa Hassan, Lina Khatib July 17, 2014 Beirut

    As most of Iraq threatens to collapse under the weight of sectarian violence, Kurdistan in northern Iraq stands in sharp contrast. Will Kurdistan seize this opportunity to declare its independence?

  • Event
    The Future of Iraq
    Marwan Muasher, Lukman Faily July 1, 2014 Washington, DC

    The recent capture of Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul by the jihadi extremist group ISIS has plunged the country into chaos.

  • Event
    America’s Second-Longest War: Taking Stock
    Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Ryan Crocker, Emma Sky, Linda J. Bilmes, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Major General H.R. McMaster, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Samir Sumaida’ie March 21, 2013 Washington, DC

    Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, it is important to examine Iraq’s trajectory today, the war’s cost, and the geopolitical lessons learned.

  • Event
    A Conversation with General Martin Dempsey
    General Martin Dempsey, Jessica Tuchman Mathews May 1, 2012 Washington, D.C.

    General Martin Dempsey, the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivered remarks at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

  • Event
    The State of Iraq
    Ad Melkert, Joel Rayburn, Marina Ottaway February 14, 2012 Washington, D.C.

    Iraq is facing a new crisis as the government of national unity is under severe strain and sectarian tensions increase.

  • Event
    Public Opinion on Iraq and the Arab Spring
    James Zogby, Edward Gnehm Jr., Mustafa Hamarneh, Marwan Muasher, Marina Ottaway December 19, 2011 Washington, D.C.

    Zogby Research Services conducted polling in eight countries across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States, to look at public opinion on the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the Arab Spring, and other recent developments in the region.

  • Event
    The Future of Kirkuk
    Governor Najmaldin Karim, Marina Ottaway May 20, 2011 Washington, D.C.

    Five years after the adoption of the new Iraqi constitution, the status of Kirkuk remains a flashpoint that threatens Iraq’s future stability.

  • Event
    Is Iraq Next?
    Denise Natali, Marina Ottaway, Henri Barkey, Marwan Muasher March 11, 2011 Washington, D.C.

    As protesters throughout the region challenge their authoritarian leaders, Iraqis are also standing up and demanding more accountability from their government and an end to the corrupt practices of their politicians.

  • Event
    The New Iraqi Government: Implications for U.S. Policy
    Michael Corbin, Marina Ottaway January 25, 2011 Washington, D.C.

    As U.S. troops continue to withdraw from Iraq, America’s relationship with the emerging democracy is evolving from a security-dominated military alliance into a more traditional bilateral relationship based on cooperation between civilian institutions.

  • Event
    Iraqi Kurdistan Today: Between Autonomy and Dependency
    Denise Natali, Henri Barkey, Marina Ottaway September 27, 2010 Washington, D.C.

    Since the American occupation of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government has enjoyed an unprecedented degree of autonomy. But is Iraqi Kurdistan today a region of Iraq enjoying an unusual degree of autonomy or is it a state in the making?


Carnegie Experts on Iraq

  • Michele Dunne
    Senior Associate
    Middle East Program

    Dunne is an expert on political and economic change in Arab countries, particularly Egypt, as well as U.S. policy in the Middle East.

  • Ariel (Eli) Levite
    Nonresident Senior Associate
    Nuclear Policy Program

    Levite was the principal deputy director general for policy at the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission from 2002 to 2007.

  • Jessica Tuchman Mathews

    Mathews is president of the Carnegie Endowment. Before her appointment in 1997, her career included posts in both the executive and legislative branches of government, in management and research in the nonprofit arena, and in journalism and science policy.

  • Marwan Muasher
    Vice President for Studies

    Muasher is vice president for studies at Carnegie, where he oversees research in Washington and Beirut on the Middle East.

  • Paul Schulte
    Nonresident Senior Associate
    Nuclear Policy Program and Carnegie Europe

    Schulte is a nonresident senior associate in the Carnegie Nuclear Policy Program and at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on the future of deterrence, nuclear strategy, nuclear nonproliferation, cybersecurity, and their political implications.

  • Frederic Wehrey
    Senior Associate
    Middle East Program

    Wehrey’s research focuses on political reform and security issues in the Arab Gulf states, Libya, and U.S. policy in the Middle East more broadly. He was previously a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation.


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