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Latest Analysis

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    The Uniform Code

    By excluding the Muslims from the defense of the nation, the state has undermined the project of a multicultural India enshrined in the Constitution and prepared the ground for the saffronisation of the public sphere.

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    Trump Should Learn to Live With a Nuclear North Korea

    The Trump administration has almost no chance of getting North Korea’s complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization. But peace and security on the Korean peninsula is possible if Trump is willing to adjust to the reality that America will have to live with a nuclear North Korea.

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    López Obrador’s Dangerous Temptation

    Mexican President-elect Andres López Obrador’s landslide victory was a huge success for his coalition, gaining control of most of the state legislatures. It has been decades since any Mexican government has had this level of political control.

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    The Unnecessary Trade War

    Some White House advisors see trade deficits as a threat to growth and security. But no one wins in a trade war, certainly not U.S. and Chinese consumers who will have to pay higher prices.

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    Will Trump Make NATO Obsolete?

    U.S. President Donald Trump may undo any progress NATO leaders achieve at the 2018 NATO summit when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

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