• Podcast

    The Rise of Populism and Implications for China

    The rise of populism in Europe and United States has had a pronounced impact on domestic politics and foreign policy, as seen in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

    • Event

    China's Belt and Road Initiative: a Catalyst for Economic, Financial, and Good Governance Reforms?

    Since its unveiling in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has developed into a sweeping global project with profound implications for the international financial system, China’s own growth model, and governance in China and in countries along the Belt.

    • Op-Ed

    The Myth of Appeasement

    Despite popular narratives to the contrary, Muslims are losing ground in India in socioeconomic terms.

    • Op-Ed

    Raja Mandala: Nordic Cool

    An India that is less inhibited about trade liberalization and more open to commercial, technological, and civil society partnerships will find Nordic countries ready to accelerate its internal modernization and international rise.

    • Op-Ed

    Can India Make a Universal Basic Income Work?

    Far from what is needed to realize its ambitious vision, the Survey proposes a cash transfer with a dubious ability to compensate beneficiaries for the transition costs of moving to a new system, and one that would be financed by an indiscriminate culling of existing welfare schemes.

    • Event

    Chinese Aid in the New Era of Globalization

    While the Trump administration has proposed to slash foreign aid by more than one-third, China is increasingly interacting with, and providing aid to, developing countries under the umbrella of South-South cooperation.

    • Op-Ed

    Cooperation Is the Best Way to Build a Bright Future for All

    Amid the escalating Sino-U.S. trade friction, Xi’s speech can be seen as creating a mediating space for potential negotiation between Beijing and Washington in order to prevent the global economy from suffering another big blow.

    • Testimony

    China’s Relations with U.S. Allies and Partners in Europe

    • Erik Brattberg
    • April 05, 2018
    • U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission

    As Europe takes its own steps to scrutinize Chinese economic practices more closely, there is now significant potential for greater transatlantic dialogue and cooperation on China.

    • Op-Ed

    The Friend of My Enemy

    As Pakistan balances cooperation with Iran and its relationship with Saudi Arabia, Indo-Saudi relations are on the rise and Iran continues to play India and Pakistan against each other for its own gain.

    • China Financial Markets

    High Wages Versus High Savings in a Globalized World

    Democracies will increasingly have to choose between raising wages and redistributing income or maintaining free trade and capital flows. Because they are likely to choose the former, the world may face a long-term reversal of globalization.

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