Climate Change

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Combating Climate Change: Developed Countries Haven’t Kept Their Promises
    Wang Tao November 6, 2013 CCTV News

    Chinese and international delegations will aim to strike a balance at the Warsaw Climate Change Conference to help developing countries adapt to climate change without being hampered by the temporary economic crisis in developed countries

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    What Future for the Arctic
    Wang Tao June 9, 2013 CCTV

    As a result of hastened climate change, shipping lanes in the Arctic region have opened and interest in its considerable natural resources has been piqued.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Russia's Climate Change Record
    David Burwell August 5, 2010 PRI's The World

    Russia has acted to address climate change, but implementation remains problematic. The ongoing drought and forest fires are a wake-up call to the realities of climate change for both Russia’s public and its government officials.

  • Event
    The New Geopolitics of Energy: Challenges and Opportunities
    Carlos Pascual, Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Deborah Gordon, Bruce Jones July 24, 2014 Washington, DC

    Ambassador Pascual shared his perspectives on some of the key energy issues during his tenure at the Bureau of Energy Resources at the State Department, as well as ongoing energy challenges.

  • Event
    China's Role in International Energy Governance
    Wang Tao March 21, 2014 Beijing

    Since its establishment in the 1970s, the global energy market has gone through significant change while regulations have remained stagnant. The global energy market urgently needs systematic reform.

  • Event
    EU Energy Exchange
    Deborah Gordon, David Livingston February 18, 2014 Brussels

    The EU could serve as a bridge to a more balanced approach to future energy supply and demand policies, infrastructure investments, and market outcomes.

  • Event
    Turkey’s Energy Strategy: Weathering Uncertainties
    Memduh Karakullukçu, Thomas de Waal November 18, 2013 Washington, DC

    A regional conflict in Syria and a fast-expanding economy are pushing Turkey to embrace new energy strategies, focusing on new technologies and a realignment of partnerships.

  • Event
    IEA Report Launch: Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map
    Fatih Birol, David Burwell, Daniel Poneman, Andrew Steer, Polly Trottenberg June 21, 2013 Washington, DC

    The International Energy Agency's special report, Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map, seeks to bring climate change back into the spotlight and provide analysis and insights intended to support great climate action by all nations.

  • Event
    The Changing Role of Cities in EU Cohesion Policy
    Dorthe Nielsen, Jan Olbrycht, Wladyslaw Piskorz, Shin-pei Tsay, Simon Wilson May 28, 2013 Brussels

    Cities, which account for 75 percent of Europe’s population and generate 85 percent of its GDP, have an important role to play in helping to meet key climate-change and economic targets.

  • Event
    Governing Sustainability Globally
    Wang Tao, Mark Halle April 25, 2013 Beijing

    Legal frameworks for international cooperation on sustainable development are not adjusting quickly enough to the problems of rapid development in new emerging powers.

  • Event
    Transport Beyond Oil
    Heather Boyer, Deborah Gordon, John Renne, Billy Fields, Deron Lovaas, Joanne Potter, Kevin Mills, Tony Hull, David Burwell, Kevin DeGood March 22, 2013 Washington, DC

    Seventy percent of the oil America uses each year is consumed by transportation. Any effective strategy to meet U.S. and global climate protection goals therefore requires that oil consumption in the transport sector be significantly reduced.

  • Event
    The Doha Climate Conference and Prospects for Climate Talks
    Wang Tao January 30, 2013 Beijing

    The climate talks in Doha fell short of expectations. One major factor behind this disappointment was increased distrust between developed and developing countries.

  • Event
    Coal Value Chain Exchange and Climate Solutions Project
    Kevin Tu October 24, 2012 Beijing

    It is important to identify solutions to improve efficiency of the coal value chain, from mining and transport to end use, and to reduce coal’s impacts on the environment.


Carnegie Unconventional Oil Initiative

Carnegie Experts on Climate Change

  • Carole Nakhle
    Nonresident Scholar
    Middle East Center

    Nakhle is a nonresident scholar at Carnegie Middle East Center, specializing in international petroleum contracts and fiscal regimes for the oil and gas industry, world oil and gas market developments, energy policy, and oil and gas revenue management.

  • Wang Tao
    Resident Scholar
    Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy

    Wang, an expert on climate and energy issues, runs a program at the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center for Global Policy that examines China’s climate and energy policies, with particular attention to transportation and international climate negotiation.


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