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  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Conflict Escalates in the Ukraine
    Andrew S. Weiss January 29, 2015 WBEZ Worldview

    As the armed conflict escalates in the Donbas, the West finds that it has run out of ideas on how to help settle the Ukraine crisis.

  • Event
    The ASEAN Economic Community in 2015: A Progress Report from Japan and the Region
    Yoshifumi Fukunaga, James Wallar, James L. Schoff January 29, 2015 Washington, DC

    In 2009, Southeast Asian political leaders accelerated their target date for realizing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to 2015. As the deadline looms, there are competing opinions on what can be accomplished by the end of this year, the AEC’s potential impact, and its near-term priorities.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Mark Zuckerberg Book Club Pick Surprises Author Moisés Naím
    Moisés Naím January 6, 2015 BloombergTV

    Social media can both play a role in the dispersion of power and is itself a consequence of that dispersion.

  • Strategic Europe
    2015, Not the Year of Geopolitics
    Roderick Parkes January 6, 2015

    This will be the year of spatial politics, when EU-style regionalism is forced to compete with Eurasian spheres of interest and a range of other geospatial labels.

  • Op-Ed
    The Great Clash Explained: What Drives Dangerous Tensions Between the West and Russia
    Dmitri Trenin December 30, 2014 National Interest Русский

    For over two decades, no one in the West felt the need for regulating Russia’s relations with NATO. The lesson of the Napoleonic wars about the need to integrate a former adversary—which was forgotten after WWI—has been forgotten again.

  • TV/Radio Broadcast
    Behind the Curtain at APEC
    Evan A. Feigenbaum November 14, 2014 China File

    With tensions between the West and Russia running high over Ukraine, China and Japan still wrangling over the Diaoyu islands, and America and China fighting over the same old stuff, it’s easy to be cynical about APEC. But this year’s summit seemed to accomplish quite a lot.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Pax Sinica: China and the New Russia
    Akio Kawato November 14, 2014

    Pax Sinica has come. Countries in China’s orbit will be given security guarantees and trade preferences as long as they remain allegiant. Thus, the pivot to Asia will only drive Russia to unnecessary dependence on China.

  • Op-Ed
    On EU Enlargement
    Cornelius Adebahr November 13, 2014 Global Policy

    Countries in and outside of the EU should consider reforms as continuing regardless of any official ascension date.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Why Nations Don’t Fail
    Jan Techau November 10, 2014

    Over the next few years, the European Union will have to revamp its neighborhood policies completely. The ambition is not only to prevent state failure, but to help build functional political systems that can strive economically, provide essential services, guard individual freedoms, and maintain social peace.

  • Eurasia Outlook
    Russia’s Performance in Multilateral Organizations: Pivot to Asia or Just to China?
    Alexander Gabuev November 6, 2014

    For Russia, the upcoming APEC Summit is seen primarily as an opportunity to attend important, bilateral meetings, not to talk about common issues in the Asia-Pacific.


Carnegie Experts on Global Governance

  • Cornelius Adebahr
    Europe Program

    Adebahr is an associate in the Europe Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. His research focuses on European foreign policy.

  • Ulrich Speck
    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe

    Speck is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels, where his research focuses on the European Union’s foreign policy and Europe’s strategic role in a changing global environment.


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