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Recent Publications

  • Article
    South Korea Debates Nuclear Options
    Toby Dalton, Byun Sunggee, Lee Sang Tae April 27, 2016

    North Korea’s nuclear test led some South Koreans to renew calls for a nuclear option. Interpreting Seoul’s signals will be challenging for U.S. policymakers.

  • Op-Ed
    President Obama and President Erdogan
    How America Enables its Allies’ Bad Behavior
    Richard Sokolsky, Jeremy Shapiro April 27, 2016

    In today’s complex world the United States should focus less on making its allies happy and more on making them actually behave like allies.

  • Op-Ed
    A Syrian Tempest in the Geneva Teapot
    Aron Lund April 26, 2016

    Splits among certain factions have provided a window into the world of the Syrian opposition and its enduring structural problems, internal rivalries, and ties to foreign states.

  • Op-Ed
    Raja-Mandala: Aligning With the Far to Balance the Near
    C. Raja Mohan April 26, 2016

    The idea that India must unilaterally cede a veto to China over its partnership with America reveals an enduring strategic diffidence in Delhi. It also shows little awareness of either China’s geopolitical tradition or of modern India’s diplomatic practice.

  • Op-Ed
    Global Perceptions Shape Relations With China
    Yukon Huang April 25, 2016

    Public perceptions of China's influence are being shaped by a combination of economic and foreign policy concerns. Dealing with the complexity of these global relationships at a time when the economy is slowing is a major challenge for China’s leadership.

  • Op-Ed
    Old Diseases Made New
    Old Diseases Made New
    Moisés Naím April 25, 2016

    Zika, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, and Trump are new manifestations of old phenomena, upgraded and made more dangerous in their current forms.

  • Op-Ed
    Reconciling Divergent Views on China’s Economy
    Yukon Huang April 22, 2016

    China’s economy has numerous hurdles to overcome. Paradoxically, the nature of these hurdles has led some to predict continuing strong growth and others to predict a further slowdown. 中文

  • Article
    Ukraine’s Hybrid State
    Balázs Jarábik, Mikhail Minakov April 22, 2016

    Ukraine has new institutions and a vibrant civil society, but a culture of corruption erodes state legitimacy. The state has been captured by enemies within.

  • Article
    Non-Western Ideas for Democratic Renewal
    Richard Youngs, Oliver Stuenkel, Gilbert Khadiagala, Niranjan Sahoo, Senem Aydin-Düzgit April 21, 2016

    Calls for non-Western forms of democracy have been around for many years but are now becoming louder and more ubiquitous. This trend can be expected to deepen as an integral element of the emerging post-Western world order.

  • Op-Ed
    What’s Really Wrong With the U.S.-Saudi Relationship
    Marc Lynch April 21, 2016

    Gulf complaints about Washington are driven as much by their own deep internal government security concerns and policy failures as by the more conventional explanations such as Iran and Syria.

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