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Recent Publications

    • Op-Ed

    Raja Mandala: The Expansion of Sinosphere

    Asian nations must find ways to adapt to the structural changes in the Asian balance of power, the essence of which is the rise of China and the perceived decline of the United States.

    • Failed States and Ungoverned Spaces

      • Marc Lynch
      • October 25, 2016
      • ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

      Failed states across the Middle East and North Africa will pose distinctive challenges for U.S. policy in the next administration.

      • Op-Ed

      This Moment, This America

      The genius of the American system is that it is designed to reinvent itself. It is designed to succeed even if those who are elevated to high office within it are imperfect.

      • Op-Ed

      Russia Sees Potential Win in South China Sea

      What Russia may seek in the long term in Southeast Asia is a position of a respected and seemingly disinterested outside power helping maintain an equilibrium in a potentially highly volatile region.

      • Op-Ed

      On the Election

      Foreign policy practitioners believe the next president will confront perhaps the most dangerous international environment and the broadest and most intimidating set of challenges to U.S. foreign policy since at least the end of the cold war, and arguably longer.

      • Op-Ed

      What Is Russia’s Plan With India?

      Russia badly needs to produce a long-term strategy towards India and the region of south Asia, and to stop thinking about India and Pakistan tactically and separately.

      • Op-Ed

      BRICS and Walls

      The contradictions between India’s policies vis-à-vis Pakistan and the United States and its membership of the BRICS, a grouping dominated by Russia and China, were visible at the BRICS summit in Goa.

      • Article

      Oil Innovations to Reduce Climate Impacts

      Reducing emissions through innovation is technically feasible, and despite a regulatory focus on other fossil fuels, oil will increasingly offer ways to mitigate climate change.

      • Op-Ed

      Crossing the Caspian: Letter From Turkmenbashi

      The small bizarro worlds on both sides of the Caspian shore are laboratories for economic and social transformation in an unstable but critically important region of the world.

      • The EU-India Partnership: The Case for Greater Security Convergence

        • Constantino Xavier, Vassilis Ntousas
        • October 20, 2016
        • Foundation for European Progressive Studies

        The European Union and India have developed a mature strategic partnership over the years, but the relationship now faces several challenges as Brussels begins to looks inwards and New Delhi to the United States and also eastwards.

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