Negotiating Jihad in Ain al-Hilweh

In Ain al-Hilweh, Islamist militants are working alongside the PLO and pro-Syrian factions to prevent allies of the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra from dragging the camp into war.

Erling Sogge May 25, 2016 قراءة المزيد بالعربية
  • In Libya, Politics Precedes Victory

    Tarek Megerisi عربي

    Libyans and their international partners can unite against the Islamic State, but external political and military engineering is undermining the prerequisite nation building.

  • The Panama Papers Arrive in Tunis

    Sarah Mersch 2 عربي

    Corruption has continued to fester in post-uprising Tunisia, but new leaks from the Panama Papers may spur real reform.

  • Educating Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

    Elizabeth BucknerDominique Spencer 1 عربي

    More coordination between international donors, the public sector, and civil society actors could fill gaps in education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

  • Sisi Sours on the Media

    Mohamed Elmeshad عربي

    The relationship between the Egyptian regime and media is becoming more volatile, revealing new divides within the establishment.

  • Photo Essay: The Battle for Palmyra

    Tom Westcott عربي

    Months of planning and Russian air support led to a final, successful battle to recapture Palmyra by Syrian regime forces that has helped boost their morale.

  • Algeria’s Military Makeover

    Abdallah Brahimi 1 عربي

    The pro-Bouteflika camp is trying to show skeptics that it can more fully direct Algeria’s military—and the military is operating more effectively—without the DRS.

  • Tunisia’s New Republicanism

    Charles Tripp عربي

    Sada interviews Charles Tripp on his latest study, which focuses on politics in the aftermath of Tunisia’s revolutionary moment and the battle for public space.

  • The Gaffe that Hurt Multilateralism in Western Sahara

    Jacques Roussellier 16 عربي

    Morocco’s reaction to a UN statement on Western Sahara has weakened the UN mission’s capacity, threatened its political mandate, and set a dangerous precedent.

  • Photo Essay: Security Slowly Returning to Benghazi

    Abdel Hakeam al-Yamany عربي

    Military and police forces are gradually regaining strength in Benghazi after two years of frequent assassinations.

  • Cairo’s Crude Crisis

    Yasser El-Shimy 4 عربي

    Cheap oil is hurting Egypt’s economy in the short term and could have wider political consequences.


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