Each year, through the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows program, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers approximately 12-14 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors and individuals who have graduated during the past academic year. They are selected from a pool of nominees nominated by several hundred participating universities and colleges. James C. Gaither Junior Fellows work as research assistants to Carnegie’s senior scholars. Please see your school’s nominating official to learn more about the college application process and please see our FAQ for eligibility requirements.

Current Class

  • Elena Barham
    Northwestern University—Democracy and Rule of Law Program
  • Bogdan Belei
    University of Michigan—Russia and Eurasia Program
  • Jonah Belser
    Columbia University—Democracy and Rule of Law Program
  • Rebecca Brown
    College of William and Mary—South Asia Program
  • Mariam Ghanem
    George Mason University—Middle East Program
  • Miles Graham
    Harvard University—Executive Office
  • Jessica Margolis
    Emory University—Nuclear Policy Program
  • Benjamin Lee
    University of Washington—Asia Program (China Studies)
  • David Song
    Harvard University—Asia Program (Japan Studies)
  • David Stack
    Pennsylvania State University—Asia Program (Economics)
  • Bert Thompson
    University of Georgia—Nuclear Policy Program and the Cyber Policy Initiative
  • Alexandra Vreeman
    Claremont McKenna College—Russia and Eurasia Program
  • Samuel Wojcicki
    Virginia Commonwealth University—Energy and Climate Program
  • Caroline Zullo
    University of North Carolina—Middle East Program

Incoming Gaither Junior Fellows

  • Mayss Al Alami
    Colorado College—Middle East Program
  • Gustavo Berrizbeitia
    Northwestern University—Democracy and Rule of Law Program
  • Alexis Dale-Huang
    University of Southern California—Asia Program (China Studies)
  • Alli Divine
    Northwestern University—Geoeconomics and Strategy Program
  • Gareth Fowler
    Swarthmore College—Democracy and Rule of Law Program
  • Ann Himes
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln—Russia and Eurasia Program
  • Smriti Kumble
    American University—Energy and Climate Program
  • Matthew Lillehaugen
    Concordia College—South Asia Program
  • Feng Lin
    Swarthmore College—Asia Program (Economics and Japan Studies)
  • Rachel Mitnick
    Cornell University—Executive Office
  • Nicole Ng
    Yale University—Russia and Eurasia Program
  • Thu-An Pham
    Stanford University—Nuclear Policy Program
  • Katherine Pollock
    Brown University—Middle East Program
  • Kathryn Taylor
    Emory University—Nuclear Policy Program and Cyber Policy Initiative

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